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Brockport’s New Code Enforcement Officer Has a Wicked Double Standard

Brockport’s new code enforcement officer David Miller
Brockport’s new code enforcement officer David Miller
Village of Brockport

Brockport’s new code enforcement officer, treats the college landlords with kid gloves, while he pulls out all the stops to stomp all over village home owners who’s houses need minor repairs.

Rather than addressing the most serious problems first, especially the run down condition of so many college rentals in the village, and the incredible amount of garbage left on the streets all week, Brockport’s New code enforcement officer, has decided to harass law abiding residents who have minor, and sometimes almost invisible, code violations on their property.

I met Brockport’s New code enforcement officer, on Friday, and I wish I’d never spoken to him.

What a waste of my time! The man is absolutely clueless. Who would have thought that we’d ever miss Scott Z?

I’d spoken to mayor Margay Blackman Thursday evening at the concert by the canal, and she had suggested that I talk to David Miller because he runs the Code Enforcement Department and she said she was going to let him run it his way.

So I called David Miller on Friday afternoon and left a message on his answering machine. A little while later Miller called me back and said that he was in the office, and that it would be a good time for me to come up and say hello. So I did.

I walked up to the Village Hall and introduced myself to David Miller.

The conversation went downhill from there.

When I asked him if he had issued an appearance ticket or even a letter to Bob Webster for illegally widening the driveway at 57 State Street, right next door to the Village Hall, Miller went ballistic.

Miler yelled at me. He screamed at me. He got up and stood over me as I sat in a chair in front of his desk. He used inappropriate language, and slammed a pile of papers down on his desk in front of me. At one point I honestly thought he was going to attack me.

Then David Miller told me that the woman who had asked him the same question the day before, had absolutely no right to tell him how to run his department, and neither did I.

Hello! Earth calling David Miller.

I am an American citizen, a combat veteran, and a registered voter in Brockport; and I have every right to tell David Miller that he is not running his department properly.

I don’t know what planet David Miller is from, but this is the united States of America and in America every citizen has the right to tell any government official that he or she is not running their department properly.

I have the right to tell president Obama that he is not running the country properly, and that he should change his ways and do things differently.

You have the right to tell Governor Cuomo that he is not running the State properly and that he has to change the way he does things.

We all have the right, even david Miller, to tell County Executive Maggie brooks that she isn’t running Monroe County in the right way.

We also have the right to tell Sweden Town Supervisor Rob Carges and Brockport mayor Margay Blackman that they are not running the Town of Sweden and the Village of Brockport properly.

So we all surely have the right to tell a low-level government employee, such as David Miller, that he is running his one-man code enforcement department in the wrong way.

David Miller is a hypocrite. He’ll send a nasty letter to law abiding citizens that reads:

“Attached please find a copy of the violation that will be filed against you should you fail to make the necessary repairs and/or modifications. You must repair and remedy the violations that are outlined in the attached documentation or charges will be filed against you. You have no later than August 13, 2014 to remedy this situation.”

“If you remedy these violations, please contact this office to make an appointment for re-inspection. If you need more time to remedy these violations, please contact this office to request more time to do so.”

“If you feel you have not violated the law, please contact this office to review this matter.”

“IF YOU DO NOTHING, we will file charges against you and you will be required to appear in Town of Sweden Court. You will not receive any further warning before we begin legal proceedings.”

But he will NOT issue an appearance ticket or such a nasty letter to landlord Bob Webster for a gross and obvious violation of the Village Code, widening the driveway at 57 State Street in a clear violation of section 16-3 of the Village Code.

§ 16-3. Construction and alteration; permit required.
No new driveway shall be connected to a village street, nor may an existing driveway
entrance be changed or enlarged, nor may a village curb be allowed or removed, without
a permit therefor.

During our conversation, if you can call it that, David Miller told me that he did not, and would not, issue a letter of an appearance ticket to Bob Webster because, “The Websters have always done what I’ve asked them to do.”

David Miller said he’d told Bob Webster to fix the driveway at 57 State Street and return it to the way it was, and that Bob Webster had told him he would do it.

Well it’s been four full days, and counting, since Bob Webster lied to the new code enforcement officer that he would repair the damage he had tone by illegally widening the driveway.

How many more days will it take before Brockport’s new code enforcement officer realizes he’s been had?

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