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Brock University researcher says asexuality is normal

The Epoch Times, a Canadian publication, interviewed Anthony Bogaert and Anthony Dev Vos for a recent article. She and the Brock University professor assured readers that asexuality was completely normal.

Bogaert makes this statement in the first few paragraphs of the article. The piece runs the reader through an asexuality 101 lesson. Bogaert, a Brock University professor, is the leading Canadian expert on the topic. His 2004 study produced the 1 percent figure, and he wrote the only academic work about the orientation.

Canadian media is focusing on asexuality because Toronto will host WorldPride 2014 this summer. Representatives of AVEN took part in the 2012 London event. They sparked controversy when they handed out condoms. The Epoch Time's piece ran after the Kevin Newman Live show ran a short piece focusing on romantic asexuals. Reichel's piece details Amy De Vos's activism and her involvement in the asexual community. De Vos, who works as a photographer, is preparing ready for the event in Toronto.

AVEN members work on many details. Each WorldPride Event received its own forums on the organization's website.

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