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Brock Lesnar is not returning to the UFC

For the last week or so there have rumors floating around that Brock Lesnar is looking to return to the UFC. The rumors were so hot that media members even questioned UFC president Dana White on the possibility of Lesnar returning.

Lesnar returning to the UFC?
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

White's response, "I don't know."

That response sparked even more interest in the rumors because White did not completely shut or open the door. The fact that Lesnar was expected to attend Saturday night's UFC 168 in Las Vegas also added fuel to fire. The reality of the situation is that Brock Lesnar is under contract with the WWE through April and is on his second 1 year deal with the WWE since retiring from the UFC in 2011.

It makes sense that White would not shut the door on a Lesnar return since Lesnar was one of the UFC's biggest pay per view draws, breaking the 1 million pay per view buy mark on several occasions. With Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre out of the picture in the UFC there is no doubt the UFC could use a pick me up in terms of drawing power, but again, Lesnar is under contract with the WWE.

A UFC return just does not make sense for Lesnar.

If reports are correct and Lesnar is getting somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million a year to perform for the WWE, why would Lesnar leave a situation where he is wrestling three to four times a year and appear on the WWE's television programming about a dozen more times to take on the rigorous training schedule of a high level mixed martial artist?

Granted you cannot just show up to a WWE event and put on a five star performance, the reality is that Lesnar's required work load to be a WWE star is much less then it would be if he were to return to the UFC. ESPN reported that Lesnar made $5.3 million in 2010 fighting for the UFC which is a number comparable to the amount he makes in the WWE. So why would he want to work harder for roughly the same amount of money?

The style of wrestling that Lesnar has adopted since his return to the WWE is much more physical but way less polished, which means he does not have to be on his 'A' game in order to work a match. If he does not have to be on his 'A' game, then he does not have to train, in-ring, like he would if he were wrestling a style similar to his first run in the WWE.

Do not misunderstand me, could Lesnar make a comeback to the UFC? The answer is yes. Could he be successful in that comeback? Yes, if he was committed to it the way he would need to be. Lesnar is a freakish athlete and it is hard to deny that he could comeback to the UFC and win more than he would lose.

With all that being said, it just does not add up. Lesnar is 36 years old and the UFC heavyweight division is as dangerous as ever. Plus Lesnar is under contract with the WWE. A return to the UFC at this point would be about pride and competition. Lesnar has made more money then he can spend over the last ten years. Even though he showed it was not all about the money when he walked away from a reported $25 million dollar contract with the WWE in 2004, it is a return to the training schedule that make a UFC return for Lesnar unlikely.

The bottom line here is that Lesnar will finish his athletic career as a WWE Superstar. It is fun to speculate and entertain a Lesnar return to the UFC but will it happen? Simply put, no.

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