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Broadway standing ovation with Applause to the legendary Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall 'Waiting in the Wings' as she leaves her legacy on film.
Lauren Bacall 'Waiting in the Wings' as she leaves her legacy on film.
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

At 89 Tony Award winning Broadway legend Woman of the Year Lauren Bacall is Waiting in the Wings! The Mirror Has Two Faces, but Lauren Bacall had countless faces. Broadway Global shares tribute pictures of the iconic roles created by the one and only Golden Globe Award winning Actress. Let us not forget, Academy Award nominated and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Academy Honorary Award" honoring America's leading lady of motion pictures. An Only child, born Betty Joan Perske on September 16, 1924, "Lauren" was the first lady for Frank Sinatra, married Jason Robards Jr. but all remember that Lauren Bacall had a daughter and son with Bogart, and another son with Robards named Sam Robards. Her parents divorced at 5, which is the age I remember my parents divorcing. Some how this brassy "Woman of the Year" captured the heart of a five year old boy living in Watertown, NY and global fans from around the world. This young aspiring actor felt like, I was her biggest fan!

Being a young Gay musical theatre lover, Lauren Bacall's famed song "One Hollowe'en" haunted me. Sure, I would change some of the lyrics to fit a little boy who dressed in drag. Much like Broadway's Tony Award winning musical Kinky Boots, that starts with a young boy in hi-heals. Dressing up in my mothers clothes was theatre! I would cautiously take out the record of Applause, holding it by the edges, not to scratch the vinyl, place the record carefully on the turn table. While holding our Hoover vacuum cleaner cord, I would stand on my pretend stage and sing these lyrics. "Remember that Halloween when you were nine. You wore a fairy queen costume of your own design. Well look at you now, and you put on rouge and lipstick though it wasn't allowed, you were so proud. And daddy said wash your face, you look like a whore (I would change teh words to FAG). That's what he said no more. And so, you went up stairs washed your face, took off your dress through it away.

Got into bed as though it were the end of an ordinary day, and outside the moon continued to shine. Remember that Halloween when you were nine? Well damn you daddy, look at your little girl (Boy) now! She (I) feels twitch and bitchy and manic, calm and collected, no sign of panic. Shes (I'M ) alive, shes (I'M ) alive , shes (I'M ) alive, so alive.

I'm wound up like a spring thats been tightened, dreamy and dizzy but not a bit frightened, I'm alive, I'm alive, so alive. Everybody loves a winner, but nobody loves a flop. No one worries how you got there, once your standing on the top! So i feel up and together and steady. Eager excited, so come on i'm ready. Ready for the climb. Baby its my time. You believe it! I'm alive, Alive!"

That young boy now 50, can't express in words what Lauren Bacall's life left for him, or what gifts of arts Lauren left for us on the big screen. We all know we have to go someday but we can't let Lauren Bacall go without a standing ovation, and Applause.