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Broadway Stages to create jobs on Staten Island

Broadway Stages to open on Staten Island
Broadway Stages to open on Staten Island
The Staten Island Advance

Despite the recession, a new TV, film, and music video production company will open Broadway Stages at the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility on Staten Island, generating 1,500 union position, according to a report in today's issue of The Staten Island Advance. For more visit

"A premier TV, film and music video production company with 30 years in the business and ties to major studios -- will purchase the former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, Charleston, for $7 million, provide an additional $20 million in private investments within two years and generate 1,500 jobs, many of them union positions, the Cuomo administration announced Tuesday," according to the report.

"Welcome to Hollywood East," said state Senator Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island), added The Advance. "I'll take a film studio over a prison any day."

"Broadway Stages will build five sound stages on the site with an opening day possibly as soon as summer -- depending on the city Department of Buildings permitting process -- company president Tony Argento told the Advance after Empire State Development Commissioner Ken Adams made the announcement in the Old Bermuda Inn, Rossville," added The Advance.

"Argento, who has 27 studios in Brooklyn and Queens, said Staten Island appealed to him because the 69-acre site represented "the only place with a large tract of land" in the city," according to the report.

"We are turning a place of incarceration into a jobs incubator," said Argento to The Advance which "provides facilities and services to HBO, CBS, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios, including hit shows such as "The Good Wife" and "Rescue Me," movies like "Pride and Glory" and the music videos of Jay-Z and Kayne West," added The Advance.

So Staten Island electricians, carpenters, and union workers with dreams of Broadway can look no further than Staten Island for employment at Broadway Stages.