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Broadway's 'Rocky" set crashes have social media a blaze

For tickets to Rocky call 800-432-7250 or visit
For tickets to Rocky call 800-432-7250 or visit
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

Broadway Global shares the exclusive on a "Rocky" Broadway start. Can the Broadway show with the biggest ending in theatre history survive preview knockdowns? Sure it's in previews, the audience know that lines, songs, dance numbers.. might be changed. We know "Rocky" is going to get knocked down. We know from "Rocky" marketing that "Love Wins", but this "Rocky" audience didn't know a flat screen TV knockdown was in store, or endless set mishaps would bring social media a blaze with "Rocky" B'hashtag, #RockyBroadway, as any audience member should, if you see something not safe, you say something!

In less than twenty minutes of the opening, "Rocky" came to a crashing halt, not once but twice. Then a huge TV Screen flung across the stage, just in front of the actors on stage left, and crashed in the wings. The numerous thundering set pieces became a game of bumper cars, with more laughs from the audience than the script. Thanks to clever Broadway professional actors, lines were added. When Rocky banged open his locker with a fire extinguisher saying "Nothing works around here!" he won over the audience that was about to turn on the show it self. Even with this "Rocky" start the script, music, cast and crew were down for the punch!

It just got worse as the huge sets were finally left off stage, the audience was offered a desk and chair. What is important to know is the cast of "Rocky" could have done the entire show with no sets and the audience would have been on their feet. Thanks to the biggest ending on Broadway the audience did not care about the set drama throughout the entire show. If or when they overcome the set drama the sets will win the Tony Award. But, is a Tony Award more important than the safety of the actors or audience?

When the safety of the actors was obvious to the audience the sets were kept off stage. This decision should be commended! "Spiderman Turn Off the Dark" should be an example to safety. There should be no safety issues in a preview. Again, theatre audience know we are seeing a preview and songs, music, blocking, dance steps... many things can be changed without harming the creditability of the show. Broadway is not local theatre, huge TV screens cannot fly across the stage unsafely and not be put out there in social media. Rocky you have a hot show. The biggest ending on Broadway. The cast and crew are amazing, we are ready for a knockdown, but please let it be in the script. "Rocky" is still a Broadway Global and Theatre Chat top pick.

"Rocky" is still in previews at the Winter Garden Theatre located at 1634 Broadway New York, 10019. For tickets call 800-432-7250 or visit I won't list the names in this article, as the cast crew, production teams and producers deserve an amazing article on "Rocky". The fight isn't over yet, it may be the 15th round, but its still in previews. Yo, Adrian! "Rocky" could've been a contender. It still is for Broadway Global and Theatre Chat, offering the biggest ending in Broadway history! Love wins big time!

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