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Broadway Kathy Calahan's kids music will "Brighten Up" the Pre-K years

Brighten Up! music is Broadway Global and Theatre Chat top pick for kids and families. Visit
Brighten Up! music is Broadway Global and Theatre Chat top pick for kids and families. Visit
Brighten Up

Broadway Global shares Broadway performer Kathy Calahan who now writes songs for kids. Not too long ago we shared an exclusive of Kathy Calahan's life on Broadway, as she covered over 15 parts in Disney's Mary Poppins. Today Kathy's new musical project for kids called "Brighten Up!" has Broadway Global attention. Why? Because it is changing the lives of our youth around the globe.

Brighten Up! music is Broadway Global and Theatre Chat top pick for kids.
Brighten Up

Kathy how did this music project for kids come to be? "This project came out of me organically, and put all the things I love together. My nephew was my muse for "Brighten Up!". At age three it was becoming clear that he was having some real frustrations with social communication. However, he was unusually gifted when it came to music. So, when my sister couldn't get him to do simple things, like sit down at the dinner table, I would come up with funny little songs to help him focus. He responded so well it inspired me to write more and more. It turned frustrating moments into fun and he would start to sing along. Not only did his behavior improve, but his language skills got quickly better. He was feeling better and learning. That's when the title "Brighten Up!" popped into my head.

During this time I was still working at Mary Poppins, and I would sing these songs for the cast and crew in the dressing rooms or during intermission backstage. I realized that I was really onto something. I was urged to record them. So I produced it myself. I gathered the best jazz trio I knew, added my own piano and guitar skills, and found an amazing recording engineer to guide me. I truly felt more in my element than I ever have in my life. It allowed all my skills (singing, music, writing, humor, tap dancing, teaching) to play together for the purpose of bringing joy into people's lives.

The CDs are selling fast just through word of mouth. But now my goal is to introduce "Brighten Up!" on a wider scale, so many families lives could be changed just like my own was. The feedback I get is incredible. Parents say their kids request "Brighten Up!" every night at bedtime. They can't believe how quickly the kids memorize the songs and how helpful they are when it comes to getting their kids to share toys ("Share Share Share") or play nicely with their siblings ("Don't Push People"). The best part is that the parents enjoy the music too, and it definitely brings light and joy into some of the most stressful parenting situations."

Wow you have created a kids "Brighten Up!" brand for families. "The brand is me and my music. I'm like a "musical nanny", whose experience as a Broadway performer, musician, songwriter, and caregiver makes "Brighten Up!" so special. Thanks Broadway Global and Theatre Chat for sharing this news of my CD!"

To purchase "Brighten Up!" go to: You can also visit Kathy's official website and go to the children's music page for excerpts and testimonials at Please share your "Brighten Up!" stories on her Facebook page now at

What do you see for the future of "Brighten Up!"? A few producers are looking at "Brighten Up!" so I am already working on another kids CD. I've written more great songs and want to get them out there to families like mine. More exciting possibilities are on the horizon. I was just approached about having my music on a new TV show being created for young children. I'm just happy to make a difference. Let's hope that "Brighten Up!" has Kathy Calahan singing all the way to the bank! The music is a Broadway Global and Theatre Chat top pick for Pre-k years and beyond.