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Broadlink SP2 WiFi Socket: Remote Controlled App for iPhone 5/5S/5C/Android

Broadlink SP2 Smart WiFi Socket: Remote Controlled App for iPhone 5/5S/5C/Androi
Broadlink SP2 Smart WiFi Socket: Remote Controlled App for iPhone 5/5S/5C/Androi

How many times in a hot blazing sun have you wished if you could turn on your bedroom air-conditioner before you reach back home? And then you smiled back to yourself on such an impossible thought! It is wisely said by someone, ‘Nothing is impossible’ especially in today’s digital world of emerging technology. With the production of a low cost WiFi smart socket, i.e. Broadlink SP1, your electric appliances can now be operated on your iOS or android smart phone. With the continuity of untiring efforts by digital media to add new features to the pre-existing apps, the manufacturers of Broadlink SP1 introduced its extended version named Broadlink SP2 with the revised features of its prior edition. This updated model of smart WiFi socket includes extra features such as:

• An access to track the live as well as prior energy consumption statistics of your home appliances with a simple tap on your smart phone/tablet.
• Sensitive motor sensors to automatically turn off the lights in your absence and to help you save on the power supply. This feature regards this device as the best energy monitoring and motion sensing mobile app.
• Unlike the previous version, Broadlink SP2 socket is made up of polycarbonate plastic instead of ABS to add durability to its lifeline.

Main Features

1. The three flat pin plug of Broadlink SP2 Home WiFi Socket comes with a smartphone app’s user manual available in languages ranging from English to traditional/simplified Chinese, and an option to translate the manual to your desired language.
2. The device is backed by an android/smart phone app that operates over WiFi to monitor your home appliances with a simple tap on your mobile, irrespective of the fact that you are at home or not. This 24/7 access to operate your appliances from anywhere and at anytime makes Broadlink SP2 the best energy monitoring device ever.
3. The one step setup does not require any additional devices to mutually bridge between the app and your appliances. You just need to save your pre-existing WiFi password in its smartphone app, and the rest of the installation is automatically executed.
4. It includes an automated mode option to schedule your tasks by setting multiple timers dedicated to each one.
5. Broadlink SP2 Smart WiFi socket is compatible to devices ranging from iPhone 5/5S/5C and any android mobile phone.

Advantages of SP2 Auto-Mode

• SP2 turns on your switched off lights when you come back to the home
• SP2 turns off the lights when you leave the home
• SP2 automatically turns off the appliances that are on a standby mode for more than the scheduled time

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