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Broadchurch 1.5

Broadchurch airs Wednesday nights at 10 on BBCAm.

Broadchurch 1.5
BBCAm (my edit)

Oh, man, if things weren't tragic before, they're getting more tragic now!

It starts out with a procession led by Tom along the route where Danny was last seen, and the whole town following. From there, things just go bonkers.

  • Jack-the-news-seller gets threatened by the townsfolk, boycotted by Chloe and her friends, vandalized at night, accused of being too friendly with the boys in Sea Brigade, muckraked all over the news, and cornered by the press. More and more under duress, he tells the cops, FINALLY, that he was arrested by a disapproving father--he'd fallen in love with a girl just short of 16, and she with him, and they made an example of him. He served his time, and when he got out, they were married and had a son. Which was great...until his son died in a carcrash and his wife and he were torn apart by the grief and he moved to Broadchurch to give her space. He volunteered with the kids because he missed his son.

Which is the saddest thing this show has done yet, and watching him become the scapegoat is just terrible. When he saw his wife and child exposed on the newspaper front pages, in his own news shop, it was the most tragic thing since Beth ran for miles and saw Danny laying on the beach. And now this episode closes with Jack on the beach, suicided because he couldn't take it.

I almost couldn't take it.

Meanwhile, the article that started all this was written by Ollie under Karen's byline, and her editor chopped it up and sensationalized it. Those two went home and celebrated by boinking, only to wake up and find out that their words had been butchered and now everyone will think Karen did it.

Other stuff that happened:

  • Beth and Mark finally talk about what happened, and he confesses that it was because Becka was different than Beth and he wanted different, which leads to Beth attacking Becka's bar and getting dragged out by Rev Paul. It also leads to Beth telling Mark that she's pregnant, and then telling Paul that she hates it because it's not Danny. And then it leads to Mark and Beth deciding that for one night, they'll do something else than fighting, and instead they go through Danny's saved pictures and old shoes and photo albums and remember the good stuff.
  • Chloe hears her parents fighting, and then has a fight with Mark herself after he finds out she's in a physical relationship with an older boy. She also is the source of the info / accusation that Jack is too friendly with the boys, and one of the first to scream and yell about how someone should do something because the cops aren't.
  • Susan is creeping around the arcade and invites Tom over to walk the dog whenever he wants, and looks damn creepy while she does it. It's unclear whether Tom realizes that she's acting like a predator, but he looks a little...aware? Concerned? A little like 'gotcha'? And she's still in something with Nigel, who tries to pay her off to move away, but he can't raise enough money and whatever it is, she's using it as a way to get him to do what she wants.
  • Poor Pete-the-Liaison just gets yelled at.
  • People start talking about how the cops aren't doing anything about this, and they have to answer to the boss that we haven't seen since the first episode on what's up with the case; she warns them not to tick off the Church. Ellie asks him point blank what happened at Sandbourne, and he won't tell her any details, but he assures her with total certainty that they'll find who did this.
  • The CSI-of-Britain guy very casually asks Ellie out for a drink, and it doesn't phase him at all that she's married--or that she turned him down, which is odd.
  • Becka asks Hardy if it's okay if she rents rooms to the press so she doesn't go bankrupt before this is over, if she promises to charge half for his room; he takes this as a come-on, there's more proof that he has no personal skills, she says she's worried he'd collapse on her, and everything is awkward all around. And it looks mostly like Hardy is just lonely, which is tragic in a different way.
  • Last episode, Ollie's mother got a bunch of stuff repossessed, and this episode she goes to Ellie in the middle of the night to ask for 1000 pounds, trying to claim she saw something to get Ellie to pay; Ellie doesn't believe she did and she won't talk without the money, and I'm sure that's going to come back to bite everyone in the butt.

My prediction that things will start snowballing looks like a pretty safe bet; this episode felt like it just flew by, and there's so much happening now, with so many people, that it's all feeling a little breathless with the tenseness and the story and the way it keeps you drawn in. It was nice that there were to press conferences this episode, and that the psychic wasn't here--but I'm sure he'll show up again before the last ep. It was so nice to see Hardy at dinner last episode, to get a little levity even if it was strained and strange, and I missed that this episode; everyone is getting more and more angry, as they totally have reason to, and it's starting to feel oppressive. I'm pretty sure that's exactly the tone the show is aiming for, and it continues to be a fantastic show, but it's going to give me panic attacks by the end at this rate!

So what did you guys think? Share in the comments!

Samantha Tweets, Tumbles, Blogs and should maybe lay off the caffeine before watching this show from now on.

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