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Broadcast Critics Predictions, Part 2

Cleans up nice
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Now the Comedies:

Best Comedy
Tough one to pick as they can be as traditional as they are trendy. It's possible Broad City or Louie might prevail, and Big Bang Theory swept the awards last time, but I'm going to go with Orange is the New Black. It may be an uneasy fit in the category, but this organization named it the show to watch last year, it has revolutionized roles for women, and it is one of the breakout hits for streaming television.
Should Win: The Big Bang Theory.
Will Win: Orange is the New Black

Best Actor, Comedy
It's a tough category to pick, with two previous winners as the nominees. I'd love to see Adam Scott or Chris Messina prevail, as they are comic towers of strength and great love interests for Parks and Rec and The Mindy Project respectively. But I've a feeling it's going to come down to last years winner, Louie C.K. Not only are his episodes painfully, often their painfully moving as well, a double dip that the critics might recognize.
Should win: Scott
Will Win: Louie C.K.

Best Actress, Comedy
This is an even tougher one to handicap, but I ultimately think it'll come down to a showdown between this year's Golden Globe recipient to last year's winner for this category. Amy Poehler was hysterically funny as she has always been, and frankly, awards shows are running out of chances to honor her (remember this, Emmy Voters!) but I think it'll probably go to Julia-Louis Dreyfus for Veep. Suffering through an even more incompetent campaign run, Selina ascended to the Presidency this season, and still couldn't get any respect. Here's hoping voters will remember Schumer and Jacobson when the Emmy nods come out
Should win: Poehler
Will Win: Louis Dreyfus.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy
Just like the dramatic category, it's really tough to handicap the Supporting Actors in these categories too. With last years winner Simon Helberg not nominated, it's going to come down to a race between Andre Braugher for Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Tony Hale for Veep. I've always been an admirer of Hale's particular brand of comedy, and as Selina's body man, he demonstrates time after time that he is still the master of it. Braugher's revelatory work can't come close to this.
Should Win/Will Win: Hale.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy
Really hard to pick between all these funny ladies, anyone of whom would make a fine victor. Though my personal preference is for one of the Big Bang women, especially Bialik who I've been cheering for years,, something tells me it's going to be one of the marvelous women who are up at Litchfield that are going to prevail. My inclination is towards Kate Mulgrew, who was a revelation, but I think given the nature of the times, Laverne Cox for her role as a transgender fireman trying to get her estrogen, shall prevail.
Should Win: Bialik/Mulgrew
Will Win: Cox.

See you tomorrow.

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