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Broadcast announced for World Championships

Denmark play a training match against Belgium
Denmark play a training match against Belgium
courtesy 2014 Wheelchair Rugby World Championship Committee

The 2014 Wheelchair Rugby World Championship begins on Monday and on Thursday the organizing committee announced plans for the broadcast of the premier wheelchair rugby event.

The Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense, Denmark will be hosting the event, with 42 games spread over two courts over the course of the week and every single game, including the opening and medal ceremonies will be streamed live online.

All the games will be broadcast live on the world championships event website and also on the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation website throughout the tournament with a channel dedicated to each court.

In a joint statement with the IWRF, event Chairperson, Mette Holstein Arnesen, saw the broadcast as a priority for the Odense event, "Right from the get-go, this was a huge priority for us. We learned a lot by live streaming the 2013 Denmark Wheelchair Rugby Challenge, and we were determined to do an even better job this time around." Said Arnesen.

The second court will be given a complete broadcast with multiple cameras with commentators and the graphics one would associate with a fully professional sports broadcast with KristianFredslund Andersen and Dave Mengyan providing the commentary. As a result of the broadcast, to take advantage of the set-up on Court 2 both semi-finals and the opening day have had their games moved to court two, in order to get the full treatment.

Fredslund Andersen works as a journalist for TV3 in Denmark and will provide local flavor for the broadcast while Mengyan is a wheelchair rugby veteran and has been involved in the sport both on and off the court in the United States for over 20 years.

Court 1 will have a simpler broadcast with just one camera covering the first court, without commentary or graphics, but it will be enough for fans to stay up to date with the proceedings in Denmark.

The tournament will also have a daily highlights package aired on Danish broadcaster, Kanal Sport, who will be providing the cameras and graphics for the webcast and the broadcaster has made sure to get familiar with the sport, filming the Danish training camp to gain familiarity with the sport in order to film it, showing proper respect to the sport and the tournament.

The tournament organizers have granted permission for anyone who wishes to, to embed the webcast at their webpage, and that code can be found at the tournament website.

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