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Broad Street’s Market’s Stoltzfus family takes breakfast on a roll

Stoltzfus' pretzel rolls are available and served hot throughout the day
Stoltzfus' pretzel rolls are available and served hot throughout the day
Sylvia Grove

Whatever your breakfast preferences, America seems to have come to agreement: it tastes better if it’s mixed together.

Perkins® calls this the “scrambler.” In BK® terms, it’s now the “breakfast bowl.” However, at Stoltzfus Pretzels at the Broad Street Market, Harrisburg, the answer is pretzels: a classic, homemade pretzel dough stuffed with eggs, a variety of meats, and cheese.

The process of making these breakfast delights is showcased behind the glass panels of Stoltzfus’ Broad Street Market stand. First, a large chunk of homemade dough is cut off from a large batch and rolled flat. Second, the meat--either bacon, sausage, pepperoni, ham, or turkey--is added. Add a sprinkle of cheese or a dash of marinara sauce, depending on the recipe, and the dough is folded into a thick roll. The rolls are then brushed with butter and sprinkled with coarse salt before they are transferred to the oven for baking.

The Stoltzfus stand claims to sell at least 200 pretzels rolls a day. Not only popular for breakfast but also for lunch and a midday snack, the pretzel roll is incredibly versatile.

Stoltzfus Pretzels, a 5-year veteran of Broad Street Market, sells 10 different types of rolls, ranging from bacon-egg-cheese to turkey-swiss and pepperoni-mozzarella. The stand also offer classic soft pretzels, homemade baked goods, lemonade, coffee, and bottled drinks.

Stoltzfus’ Pretzels

Broad Street Market, Brick Building

1233 North Third Street

Harrisburg, PA 17102

(717) 909-6904

Thursdays & Fridays, 7am-5pm

Saturdays, 7am-4pm


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