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Brittle Branches

Easily broken, brittle branches
Easily broken, brittle branches
by Connie Sorensen

Thawing hardened hearts are like the cold, brittle branches found in the midwest after chilling temperatures and moisture accumulation have united on a bitter winter day.

Not unlike ourselves, as we tense up when life gets tough and the temperature soars to a place that is well below our comfort zone.

A branch might break as if it were a bone that had been intensely stressed. An immediate shattering or clean break made in a shrilling moment.

But... there is another sudden response that might accompany a single moment in time. It is the rapid melting, when the sun once again appears.

And, it will appear again. We are promised sunrise in the morning and even though we might feel the torturous depths of despair and cry a lake full of tears; tomorrow will be another day.

We must take solace in knowing God is there by our side, no matter how much we're hurting and regardless of whether it be our personal pride, physical health, absorption of another's pain or that of our own breaking heart.

We can walk ourselves through the darkness by the use of prayer, constantly reminding ourselves Christ is always there, no matter what the nightmare.

He is there by our side and holding us up, when our strength is dwindling and thoughts of giving up visit our soul in its saddened state.

But tomorrow truly is another day and we must continue to reach for the light pushing the hints of darkness out of our way.

For this too shall pass... and the pain does subside, no matter how devastating it feels, right now - inside.

Continue in prayer; yes, pray all the way for although things might get worse, before they get better we will see a brighter day.

The crackling branches and breaking bones don't have to be resulting factors found, when we've felt so all alone.

We are not alone and we need to remember, the closer we hold onto Jesus, the tighter He can hold our hand and hold us up, as He will... when our human strength is gone.

Tomorrow will eventually be a brighter day, a lighter day... where once again, we will hear our own laughter and the smile has returned to our face.

Just live for tomorrow, when today feels too blue and always, yes, always keep Christ close to you.


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