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Brittish Williams of Basketball Wives LA talks cheating!

Brittish Williams
Brittish Williams

Reality TV has got me hooked and on Monday nights now I just need a "fix." So of course Basketball Wives LA has got me in her dirty little hands.

There are so many things that I can talk about, however, cheating men was the first thing that caught my eye. Mama Figure of the group, Jackie Christie who is married to former Basket ball player Doug Christie, she is known for going on the road with her husband when he was a player so that he would not be cheating with groupies. Slightly over bearing, but it probably saved her marriage and kept her out of the clinic.

Fast Forward 20 years, Jackie and her husband seem to be in a wonderful and healthy relationship. Jackie is sitting down with new cast member of Basketball Wives LA, Brittish Williams(yes, Brittish with two T's) and they are talking about their men and NBA players cheating. Brittish is newly engaged to European basketball player, Lorenzo X

British says,

"He was a whore, of course."

"He might still dib and dab sometimes, but as long as I don't know about it-we good."

Of course Miss Jackie says, "Hold up wait he might still dib and DAB??" She was giving the beautiful, young and dumb Brittish major side-eye.

Back to Brittish,

"You know I think that all men cheat."

"A man that makes $10.00 and hour cheats, so a man making bou-cou's (I guess beaucoup is not plural enough for Brittish) of money with cheat on you of course. When I find out about it tho...."

Let's just be honest, you aren't going to do anything if you find out about it Brittish. Just keep pulling the lint out of your weave.

"If I don't know its not going to hurt me."

"We do have an understanding, he tells me he don't cheat."

"As long as he is doing a good job of hiding it I don't care."

"If I don't think it, feel it or see it-how can I be mad?"

[caption id="attachment_7005" align="aligncenter" width="535"] Lorenzo Gordon & Brittish Williams[/caption]

So listening to this conversation lightweight hurt my head, but this is the mentality that most women have about their regular dudes. So while it was pathetic to actually hear-it is worse to see it playing out in your girlfriends life.

Mr. Gordon is FIONE tho!

What say you? Do you agree with MC Lyte's old, "I dont care about the other girls-just be good to me" mantra?

Stay tuned in to your Classy, Black Girl...I am going to be watching this season and sharing all of my topic on the Baby Mama or the wife more important?

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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