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Brittish Williams Needs an Etiquette Class! #BBWLA

Brittish Williams Needs an Etiquette Class
Brittish Williams Needs an Etiquette Class

There are some people who were just born to be reality TV fools. Brittish Williams is one of them.

Brittish Williams, is engaged to Lorenzo Gordon, a professional basket ball player overseas. Brittish's entire story on the show is about being with an athlete, but she has her OWN excellent hustle. While the girl is positively adorable she is a mess. You watch her and she reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil. She talks wild, threatens to drag you a la Mama Joyce and Kandi and while in all honestly I do not think that she would bust a grape, she certainly frightened Brandi enough to run her out of her "rented" house.

5 Reasons Why Brittish Williams Husband to Be should be totally ashamed:

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1. She took off her shoes at her OWN tea party. Now who fights at a tea? Chile, she doesn't have a lick of class.

2. Brittish Williams asked Draya, "Are you a Hoe?" Women with no class and reckless mouths like that will always embarrass you. And if you are like that at 24 you will not change. That ignorance is part of your DNA.

3. It is only the second episode of Basketball Wives LA and Brittish is already kicking women out of her home and calling them out of their names. Why invite people to your home only to put them out?

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4. Brittish said, "I knew that you were the kinda B**** I just didnt like when I first met you" to Brandi. Brandi Maxiell is another Basketball wife.

5. Brittish Williams is tasteless. She said to Brandi, who has an adoring and loving husband, "I could take your N**** any time that I want to!" #Clutch the Pearls! Honey this is a hoodrat!

First of all, I dont see Brittish Williams taking anybody's man with that bad attitude...and Brandi Maxiell's man loves her and has been with her through basket ball and Cancer. Also, why would she even say that? She is so immature and clearly jealous of secure and strong women.

What say YOU of Brittish Williams?...and did you think that Draya was throwing PURE shade when she called Brittish fat?

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