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Brittany Murphy’s Lifetime biopic feud; Murphy’s dad slams Amanda Fuller

Brittany Murphy’s Lifetime biopic has star's family upset
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The upcoming Lifetime biopic on Brittany Murphy is going to have fans of the star upset. The latest movie of the cable channel has people talking boycott and even writing letters about their concerns and the show hasn’t even hit. According to the New York Daily News on Wednesday, her father Angelo Bertolotti is definitely not planning on tuning in.

The family of Brittany Murphy is upset about the movie “The Brittany Murphy Story” and offers up no apologies on speaking out. Murphy’s father is alleging the movie is unauthorized and untrue. There has also been a full on confrontation with Amanda Fuller who plays Brittany Murphy in the film. Looking to try to have the actress bow out of the project, Angelo Bertolotti took to social to try and relay his displeasure. He feels Lifetime’s casting was atrocious and he definitely doesn't believe Amanda Fuller looks like Brittany Murphy.

There is something of a pattern between how Lifetimes takes popular people and shows of the past and twists it into a formulated outlook that seems almost skewed. While the perspective might be accurate in someone’s eyes, the damage seems to be massive.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the last Lifetime movie “Saved by the Bell” movie draws heavy Twitter jeers from the fans as the story was so one sided and allegedly inaccurate. Now with another movie set to be released, fans once again are bracing for a less than stellar interpretation of a celebrity that died so young. Lifetime isn't making any fans by rushing movies to screen that upset the family of the deceased.

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