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Brittany Murphy's final movie will debut more than four years after her death

The Daily News reported today that Brittany Murphy’s final film will be released this year. Murphy’s fans, friends, and family may find it both strange and fascinating to watch the deceased actress appear on the big screen more than four years after her December 2009 death. The final movie is titled Something Wicked. The movie wrapped before her death and will make its debut on April 4 in Eugene, Oregon. Producer Joe Colleran told the Daily News:

The late actress Brittany Murphy's final movie will debut this year.
New York Daily News website

"It is an additional responsibility; you do want her performance to be the best it can be because unfortunately it's her last performance."

He also said it was emotional hearing her voice and seeing her on film. The R-rated film is about a couple with dark secrets. Murphy’s death and reshoots caused the extensive delay in the film’s release.

The official coroner report ruled the 32-year-old actress died from pneumonia and anemia. Simon Monjack, Murphy’s husband, also died from the same symptoms five months after Murphy’s death.

Conspiracy theorists claim both deaths are suspicious, but the coroner’s ruling still stands. Read more about Murphy’s last movie release at the Daily News website.

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