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Brittany Murphy: Insight to her early passing


AP Photo/Gregg Deguire

Brittany Murphy

November 10, 1977

Atlanta, Georgia

Losing someone unexpectedly, no matter what the age, always presents a sad and difficult situation. Many of Brittany’s fans are in disbelief of her passing, wanting to know what is to blame. While some suspect foul play, others are suspicious of an addictive disorder, such as anorexia or drug abuse. Perhaps Brittany’s birth chart may offer a little insight and resolution for those who adored her onscreen.  Because we were unable to locate a time of birth for Brittany, the following summary is based upon the planets within the signs and their various aspects.

The first interesting thing to note about Brittany’s chart is that half of her chart is empty. Houses within birth charts represent different elements of an individual’s life, such as possessions, family, marriage, career and so forth. It would be interesting to learn of Brittany’s specific birth time and determine which six of the ten houses are found empty. 

The largest cluster of planets in Brittany’s chart begins with Pluto in Libra. This placement of Pluto speaks very highly of her marriage. Brittany had a genuine connection with her husband, absent the superficialities we commonly see in other Hollywood marriages. 

Next in the cluster of planets is Venus in Scorpio. With this we know Brittany was a firecracker when it came to personality. She thrived on excitement. Not only was her marriage not based on superficialities, her personal foundation was not as well. She could be trusted with one’s deepest secrets and welcomed such information.  With Venus square Mars, we know Brittany knew where she didn’t stand better than where she did. Venus is also trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and semi-square Neptune which lets us know she was a loving, generous and loyal friend. 

The Moon is conjunct Venus and also in Scorpio, assuring us Brittany was a highly passionate person who truly enjoyed the company of others. She was also independent and kept not only others’ secrets, but secrets about herself as well. The Moon trine Jupiter tells us Brittany was destined for a career in the public limelight. 

Conjunct the Moon is Uranus in Scorpio. There was likely a revolutionary female role model in Brittany’s younger years. We have this role model to thank for planting a seed of inimitability, independence and free-spiritedness in Brittany. This interesting placement of Uranus also lets us know Brittany’s moods were very unpredictable. At times this was a delight and at times this was difficult. This is also the first planetary placement suggestive of drugs. Brittany liked to experiment not only in drugs, but also in other areas oftentimes considered unmentionable. Lastly, Uranus is also semi-sextile Neptune and Pluto. Brittany had a private fixation with the psychological workings of the mind and likely had her own intense spiritual concept of unity. This is suggestive of awareness and acceptance of a greater peace even though personal conflict existed within her. 

The Sun is conjunct Uranus and is also found in Scorpio, suggesting a lack of self-control. She had a unique and intense personality, never blending into a room. As an eccentric, her presence was never unnoticed. She was also destined to marry an eccentric older than she. Brittany loved children, babies, animals and love stories like “Benjamin Button” – regardless of a happy or sad ending.  

Mercury is found next in Brittany’s chart in Sagittarius. Brittany loved the truth and didn’t care for frivolous details. Her mind was often spent in remote, deep places. She was a spur-of-the-moment poet. Mercury is also square Saturn, suggestive of chaotic thought. This is another placement found in charts of individuals with drug addictions. Unfortunately, a substance is often ingested to calm chaotic thinking, yet in reality, the substance is merely creating additional chaotic thoughts. With Mercury semi-square Pluto, we again approach the subject of personal secrets. Indeed Brittany had some serious ones. Secret-keepers with this aspect are famous for putting up facades. For those really concerned with Brittany’s secrets, take a look at the facades and perhaps learn to identify such facades in others. 

Neptune is next in Brittany’s chart and is also found in Sagittarius. Brittany loved foreign travel and physical activity. Friends would tell you she looked at life with the glass half full. Though she was likely raised under a certain religious faith, she had a greater sense of unity and accepted others from all faiths. 

At the other end of Brittany’s chart, Jupiter is found retrograde in Cancer. This is a sad aspect in Brittany’s chart. Of the secrets she kept, one principal part of her internal conflict was the strong desire to have children. Whether she had an addiction with anorexia or drugs, the motivating factor to cease any toxic behavior would have been the desire to establish her own family. 

Next in Brittany’s chart is Mars in Leo. With this, we know Brittany was born to be on the big screen. From toddler stage, she was a legend in her own living room. She had much more energy than the average bear and oftentimes likely threw temper tantrums.  

Last to cover in Brittany’s chart is Saturn in Leo. This is another aspect emphasizing the desire for children and tendency to take a path from time to time not along the lines of one’s personal destiny. Saturn semi-square Pluto indicates, aside from children, Brittany had been wishing for years for a deeper, personal transformation and made numerous attempts at various times to bring this to fruition. 

Brittany Murphy was not only a star, but a shining star to many.  

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you, please visit Science of Astrology


  • Luanne Platter 5 years ago

    I'll forever remember the ramen girl.

  • Ginnie 5 years ago

    OMG this article is cool. It also made me realize something about my girlfriend.

  • claire h 5 years ago

    it made me realize something about myself

  • Amy Herring 5 years ago

    Because we have no birth time for Brittany, the moon was anywhere from 3 to 16 degrees on this day, therefore moon aspects (trine to Jupiter, conjunct Venus) cannot be certain.

  • Amy Herring 5 years ago

    Good analysis of her natal chart though - I also forgot to mention that I wrote about the transits and progressions she was experiencing on the day of her death at my blog: heavenly truth dot typepad dot com. Great comments from Eileen Nauman - a medical astrologer.

  • birdy cindy 5 years ago

    i just read eileen's blog. what a bunch of speculation without a point. i'm sick of people trying to promote themselves on this site.

  • naomi larraine 5 years ago

    i'm with ya, birdy. it seems this site has some good writers, yet the good ones are all tarnished by others out for there own self interests.

    to luanne... i too will never forger the ramen girl.

  • Hollywood VIxen 5 years ago

    I have met Britt many times and this sounds right on. Her husbad is only guilty as a participant in her lifestyle. People need to stop condeming inncoent loved ones and let them have peace. Also recognize when someone might need help. Britt was ALWAYS nice. ALWAYS!

  • Nine men out 5 years ago

    Looks like you opened another can of worms.

  • Josh 4 Him 5 years ago

    Have fun in hell drug using actors and astrology writers. Jesus is the only path to heaven.

  • Devoted Subscriber to Rero 5 years ago

    Herring-- Try some other way to promote yourself. Hello? Tweet much? Josh 4 him-- Him who? Once who discover there is no heaven, you don't have to follow Jesus. Now you are free to make rational decisions, instead of non-existent entities. FTW- Santa is not real either, do you believe in Santa? Astrology is based in science based on the root word "astro" meaning stars and "ology", the study of = the study of the stars, which includes alignments of planets and stars. Astrology is based in fact. The bible is based in someone's underpants. I will admit that the bible is a great piece of fiction. Not as good as Lord of the Rings though.

  • Not Astrology 2 years ago

    The use of astrology has steadily declined since the enlightenment and, when falsifiable, has been proven false. It is easy to see how over 2500 years ago something like astrology could have made sense, but we now know what role the planets in our system play. In the same way humans thought plagues, famine, droughts, and natural disasters were the wrath of god, we now know their role in our life. The simple fact is, if astrology worked, it would be used by everyone. Doctors would make diagnoses based upon it, psychologists would use it in therapy, and people the world over would determine future events with it. Truth be told, astrology is banished to the realm of pseudoscience and it should stay there.