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Britney Spears to guest star on 'Glee'

Britney Spears to appear on 'Glee.'
Britney Spears to appear on 'Glee.'
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Britney Spears will appear on an episode of Glee dedicated to her music, the show's creator Ryan Murphy said Tuesday.

"Britney, I think 100 percent, is going to be on the episode. She is going to join us for a couple of scenes," Murphy told Ryan Seacrest in an interview Tuesday. He described the episode as "reverential...and so kind...We are handling Britney with kid gloves."

 Murphy said last season that an episode of all-Britney music was in the works, much like the episodes devoted to Madonna and Lady Gaga earlier this year, but this was the first time he confirmed that Spears would be in the episode.  Madonna and Lady Gaga did not appear on the shows dedicated to their music.

Murphy said the music scenes featuring Spears' music would play out in fantasy sequences, with the choir imagining themselves as being like Spears.

Spears has been on a comeback after a tumultuous 2007 and 2008 in which she shaved her head and was hospitalized for psychiatric problems. Her 2008 album, Circus, spawned several hits and a sold-out worldwide tour.

"I really admire what she's done with her life and how she's turned herself around," Murphy said. "Britney Spears is pop culture, and I think she's been through a lot."

Which Britney era do you want to see on Glee?


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