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Britney Spears tightens toned tummy with 90-minute workouts and low carb diet

Find out how Britney Spears stays sleek.
Find out how Britney Spears stays sleek.
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At 32, Britney Spears flaunts the flat tummy of a 23-year-old. What's her secret? Annoyed at being accused of using contour makeup to fake her six-pack, Britney's now sharing her workout details, reported the Huffington Post on Jan. 8.

Each week, Britney engages in several 90-minute yoga sessions as well as strength-training and cardio sessions.

"Sometimes we focus on the core or relaxation, but other times I just kick her butt!" said her yoga instructor.

For cardio, fitness guru Tony Martinez is in charge, and he adds in sports moves to keep her on her toes.

Talking with Shape magazine recently, Britney revealed that she's doing "a lot of cardio," including "hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer, Tony Martinez."

Tony has worked with Britney since her “Me Against The Music” video.

“She’s old-school about working out; she’ll want to do an hour of cardio, an hour of weights, and she loves to run, but I try to tell her ‘let’s try and do something different,'" Tony told Breathe Heavy.

Their routine includes interval and resistance training, as well as outdoors workouts.

“I like doing stuff outside with Britney more than being in a gym. Anyone can be in a gym. I try to do more functional, athletic training," explained Tony.

He also takes consideration of her dance moves by building up Britney's muscles in critical areas such as her knees.

"When she dances she’s doing a lot of lateral movements, so we do a lot of lateral, we do a lot of plyometrics. We try to mix it up a lot so her knee’s still good, her back, shoulders," Tony revealed.

As for diet, Tony recently told Hollyscoop that "smart nutrition is half the battle. I help her understand portion size and the difference between healthy and not healthy foods."

And what's most important to keep Britney's muscles in great shape while whittling her waistline? Tony believes in protein power.

"I am just trying to up her protein level. She is doing so much with rehearsals and with me and she does not have a lot of time. We try to make sure that she has between 75-80 grams of protein a day," said Tony.

In addition, according to People magazine, Britney avoids sweets on her low carb diet, including her favorite melted Hershey bars.

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