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Britney Spears splits with agent-boyfriend

Britney Spears started off the New Year by splitting with her boyfriend.
Britney Spears started off the New Year by splitting with her boyfriend.
Photo: AP

      Britney Spears can now aim her song “Womanizer” towards another man. If the rumors are true, Spears has called it quits with agent-boyfriend Jason Trawick, for being too friendly with other women. Sources saw him flirting with two women at Los Angeles’ bar The Roger Room, and even leaving with one of the women.

Ella Davis, who was at the bar at the time, told Daily Mirror Newspaper: “Jason left the bar with two bottles of water and a stunning blonde who looked like Britney.”

The spy-witness reported, “He had his arms around her and they looked extremely comfortable in each other’s company.”

Britney and Jason allegedly began dating in March of last year, during her recovery process. At the time, her father had tight reigns on whom Britney had contact with but loved Jason, and the two really connected. Jason, who is also best friends with Britney’s older brother, connected with Britney’s two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, as well. The couple and the kids were seen on numerous occasions having family vacations. is reporting that Briney is “distraught” and is refusing to take his call. Upon hearing of her boyfriend’s bad behavior, Britney allegedly checked herself, along with her mother, into the Mondrian Hotel.

Friends say Jason is not really like this and tried to reassure Britney that the girls were just friends. Britney is not willing to hear him out, and it now appears Jason is out of a girlfriend and job. He didn’t think these actions would let him stay as Britney’s agent, did he?

Hopefully this doesn’t break the star, and bring back her ’08 and early ’09 behaviors. Remember the head shaving and partying antics? Knowing that her mom is with her and that her dad still has a say so in what she does will hopefully keep Britney grounded.



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