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Britney Spears sings Lady Gaga's 'Telephone?'

Britney Spears recorded a demo of Lady Gaga's current hit "Telephone," according to MTV. Lady Gaga wrote the song herself for Spears, but Spears reportedly passed on the track before a finished version was recorded.

Did Britney Spears record Lady Gaga's "Telephone?"

Spears' demo of "Telephone" leaked on the Internet over the weekend on The track is very similar to Lady Gaga's recording of "Telephone," with Spears singing in the same stuttered, AutoTuned voice.

Spears has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the demo; however, her fan site, World of Britney, tweeted Sunday: There was almost no AutoTune in the actual song. It was raw vocals and that isn't the song. Those of you who have ears can hear it's not B."

Did Britney Spears record Lady Gaga's "Telephone?" Listen below and comment.


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