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Britney Spears' singing without Auto-Tune defended

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Britney Spears’ singing of her new single “Alien” without Auto-Tune has hit the Internet and fans are aghast at just how bad she sounds without technological assistance. Now, William Orbit, the sound engineer who worked on the project, is defending her, according to ABC News on Thursday. Orbit says that the leaked audio tape of Spears’ singing was no more than the famed singer doing warm-ups. In no way was the recording intended for public consumption. Unfortunately, the recording did get out and is making Spears look - and sound - pretty bad.

Orbit said that he’d like to affirm that any singer, who first steps up to the microphone at the beginning of a long session, can make a multitude of vocalizations. These various vocalizations, he asserted on his Facebook account, are in an effort for the singer to get warmed up. He went on to express that warming up is essential if you are a professional. He compared warming up the vocal cords for a recording session to a runner doing stretches before a race, and he says it takes a while to do it properly. He asserts that he has heard all kinds of sounds coming from singers during warm-up exercises. So, the logical question here is: Why are warm-ups even recorded then?

The Huffington Post claims that the leak of “Alien” is possibly not the first time the public has heard Spears without auto-tune enhancement. Yet, it agrees that this time, the non-auto-tuned vocal is making people cringe. The recording displays a very bad singing voice which is horrendously out of tune for most of the recording. It was on July 2 that the unedited vocal version of the song from her most recent album project, “Britney Jean,” was found here, there and everywhere on the Internet. By July 7, the defenses for the leaked tape started coming out. It goes without saying that the leaked tape is not the “final take” of Spears’ project.



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