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Britney Spears reveals her perfect imperfections

Britney Spears releases untouched ad photos (Supplied)

The movement for "real beauty" has a new ally in pop singer and pop culture icon Britney Spears.  Spears, who is also the spokesperson for Candie's brand fashion, asked that untouched images of her latest campaign be released alongside the final product. 

Spears, the mother of two young children who has been ridiculed for battling with her weight in the past, is back in shape, but no stranger to the battles every woman deals with. The touched up photographs maker her bottom smaller, her thighs slimmer, her cellulite non-existent, and her tattoos and bruises removed. 

The move, in which Spears said was being done "in order to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect" is being heralded by many as "bold," which it may be, but it's safe to say the release of these photos will also create some needed positive buzz for Spears. 


  • Joan Haines, Harrisburg Easy Meals Examiner 5 years ago

    I say, "Bravo!" It is truly ridiculous that everyone is brainstormed into thinking that women should look a certain, unattainable way.

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