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Britney Spears' meet-and-greet leaves 'Work Bitch' singer's fans cold

Britney Spears did it again. The "Work Bitch" singer who sometimes ends up passing off her "Toxic" self onto others offended some citizens at her Sin City meet-and-greet that cost these enthusiastic people a hefty $2,500 each for which to partake. But the partaking took place for a mere three seconds and all three seconds seemed to be excruciating for all involved.

Britney Spears is welcomed in Las Vegas
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to TV3 Ireland on Jan. 4, these Britney Spears' fan encounters were "impersonal" on the singer's part. And that was probably the very least of the problem that occurred thanks to a VIP package that allowed the former Disney princess' followers to not only meet the star and get some kind of swag, but to also sit in the first row while watching her perform at her "Pieces of Me" concert in Las Vegas.

To be fair to Britney Spears, the part that concerned the meet-and-greet was spelled out with the sale of the exorbitant tickets as being a time when the person buying into this situation would not be allowed to hug Britney, to touch Britney (unless she gave her blessing), or to gift her anything in any way.

The up side: A photo opportunity was part of the deal, as was a chance to smile at each other and to then say your goodbyes.

However, this latter part of the larger arrangement with Brit by way of a VIP package was a huge disappointment to her fans who paid the big bucks. The 32-year-old performer was nearly mute during her time with them and seemed "despondent," according to someone on hand at the proceedings and who then talked to RadarOnline.

But what did these free spending fans expect? Did any of them watch Brit on "The X Factor" USA when she judged for a season? Like then, perhaps this was just a typical type of encounter with Ms. Spears, a celebrity who can often seem aloof but could be simply shy. Just maybe. Something to chew on, anyway, as the sight of dollar signs flying away dance before their eyes.

That said, the recent Britney Spears meet-and-greet left the "Work Bitch" singer's fans cold in Las Vegas. Cold and out a hefty $2,500 dollars that was paid for a memory that each of these eager citizens might simply want to forget.

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