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Britney Spears lip syncing to Sia? Las Vegas fans wonder about vocal performance

Britney Spears lip syncing to Sia?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Fans who saw Britney Spears at her "Piece of Me" Las Vegas residency are wondering if they heard the entertainer’s voice at a recent performance. While it is not surprising to hear rumors about Britney Spears lip syncing, but it is shocking to hear she might be lip syncing to Sia’s voice. According to Entertainment Tonight, Britney Spears fans are buzzing about a recent performance of “Perfume” where Britney’s voice sounds different.

Listening to Sia and Britney Spears sing the same song in comparison has fans debating. Which voice was heard while Britney was performing on the stage? People from the crowd even offer different opinions as Sia’s voice is prominently heard in a snippet, but it could have been Britney Spears singing over the star’s voice (which isn't uncommon if it was a track for background vocals at the show.)

As Britney Spears fans point out, there is nothing new about the idea of the star lip syncing and her music isn't the only reason to see her show. She reveals some incredible moves that haven’t been replicated over the years on stage too. Add that she has some amazing props and people love to see what she offers in the Las Vegas concert.

Britney Spears’ manager has admitted in the past that the star doesn't sing every song. CNN is reporting that even with all the questions about the lip syncing, it’s hard to tell if the star is actually singing along during the performance as she is too far away in the video shared with the public on Instagram.

The history around Britney Spears’ lip syncing has proven that the fans don’t care who is singing as long as the famous entertainer shows up on stage. It does make everyone wonder what happened at this particular show and if there was a gaffe during the performance or if Britney’s microphone wasn't on high enough so her vocal performance could be heard.

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