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Britney Spears' trainer shares her stay-slim secrets as her exes gain weight

See the article for exclusive tips from Britney's trainer.
See the article for exclusive tips from Britney's trainer.
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They're calling it the "Britney Effect." One after another, Britney Spears' exes are gaining weight and building belly bulges, reported Life & Style magazine on Jan. 21. And the result? Well, it isn't very pretty.

First Kevin Federline was waddling around, and now Britney's former fiance Jason Trawick admits his six-pack abs have turned into fifty shades of flab.

Jason was so embarrassed by a photo that TMZ posted that he's using it to motivate himself to lose weight, reported Us Weekly on Jan. 21. The photo showed Jason gobbling pizza and showing off his expanded belly.

"Thanks @tmz I needed this," tweeted Jason. "Started my diet/workout program today. C u in a month!"

The weight gain is particularly noticeable because when Jason was dating Britney, he lost 50 pounds. But now it appears that in contrast to "divorce diets" that cause some to lose weight, he's been indulging in a non-stop break-up binge.

So where's Britney in all this? She's turning the lyrics of her "Work B**ch" song into reality in terms of her dedication to diet and exercise:

"You wanna, you wanna; You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work."

In an exclusive interview on Jan. 23, Britney's trainer Tony Martinez told us his shape-slimming secrets.

Because her 90-minute shows at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino require extensive endurance and also involve showing off her sleek physique in outfits like black sequinned basques and fishnet tights, Britney's been spending more time in the gym.

"I started working with Britney in February 2013. Her whole body has transformed in just a few months," Tony told us.

Britney craves variety, so Tony weaves fun into her workouts. And he takes pride in his client's results.

"Have you noticed her arms, legs, and abs recently? She works hard and is a tremendous athlete," he praised.

Tony and Britney work out together three to four times a week. Among her favorite exercises for fast results: "Britney uses Core Discs to tone her six-pack, combined with Barrel Roll Knee-Ins," said Tony.

Recently, a brou-ha-ha over Britney's banging body emerged when some claimed her abs were air-brushed. The Photoshop fiasco fell flat when Britney stepped forward and talked to Shape magazine to confirm that her six-pack was earned through diligent efforts, not digital effects.

In addition to exercise, diet counts, Tony told us.

"I always say smart nutrition is half the battle. I try to help my clients understand portion size and and how to make the right choices with healthy nutritious foods," he said.

And rather than offer advise such as zero-carbs or drastic detox diets, Tony takes the opposite approach.

"Moderation and balance are major factors in weight loss," says Tony. "Everybody's body type is different."

However, he does believe in protein power and a low-carb diet, emphasizing that by adding more lean protein and changing your food plan from one full of "bad carbs" (like French fries) to low carb (think chicken breasts), you can achieve your own weight loss goals.

In addition, says Tony, "a lot of people eat out - but that doesn't mean that your diet has to be derailed. Seek healthy choices wherever you are."

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