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Britney Spears: A Decade of Great Pop Music

It's doubtful there's anyone on the planet who has not heard of Britney Spears, is familiar with the hit single that introduced her to the world, 'Baby One More Time,' or that doesn't remember the infamous meltdown she experienced in 2007 shaving her head at a salon in LA. She is the definition of Popular Culture.

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Whether or not you're a pop music fan or a Britney Spears fan for that matter, there's no debate that she was and still remains one of the most successful and influential pop superstars of our generation. From ground breaking, sold out tours and monstrous singles to #1 Billboard albums one year after another, the queen of pop continues to rule supreme and take her fans on the ride of a lifetime. With her Vegas tour in full swing, it's clear this pop diva and ultimate female goddess has just begun having her fun. Lets examine her key albums.

Oops! I Did it Again. (2000) B+

After the mega success of her debut album, 'Baby One More Time' in 1999, it was obvious her second album had to be bigger, a tad more sexual, filled with banging, more mature pop rhythms. Lead by the super successful single, 'Oops!' the entire album blossomed the then 19 year old into a force to be reckon with and pop culture phenomenon. With hits like 'Stronger,' 'Lucky,' and 'Don't Let me be the Last to Know,' Britney Spears demonstrated she was not just a robotic, auto tuned celebrity molded by agents of the music industry - she could dance, entertain and put on one hell of a show.

In the Zone. (2003) A

One of the greatest Britney Spears albums in my opinion, 'In the Zone,' took Britney from little girl next door to sex siren flirting with sex, drugs and masturbation. As she just turned 21 at the time of recording the R.Kelly, Snoop-Dogg & Moby influenced vibe on the upbeat album, it brings me back to those ultimate college days getting ready for a fun, crazy weekend with friends. Lead by the inventive club banger, 'Me Against the Music,' featuring Madonna, 'In the Zone,' is one funky, sexual fantasy after another teasing us to undo her zipper and hook up on the dance floor. I love every song on this album and still play it to this day.

Blackout. (2007) A+

This is the Blackout era, fresh after her rehab stints and the nutty days of shaving her head and making strange videos/post Kevin Federline era. The biggest surprise of it all? This was the best reviewed album she created. Heavily produced by Danja and Pharrell Williams, 'Blackout' is exactly what fans were begging for post 'In the Zone' & 'Greatest Hits' album that spawned the cover, 'My Prerogative.' Hypnotic, hot and club friendly, 'Blackout' remains one of the greatest pop albums of the past decade, no questions asked and even Rolling Stone, one of the coolest and on point critics alive, praised Brit for her work here and the amazing team behind her. *Make another Blackout Britney! 'Gimmie More,' 'Piece of Me' & 'Break the Ice' were the singles here, but the entire album could be played on the radio and is still to this day busted out by DJ's across the world.

Femme Fatale. (2011) A

Fresh Britney. Classy Britney. Flirty Britney. She was done with all the crazy antics and stupid Federline bullshit. It was time to make a great album throughout that made you just want to dance and have a good time with your buddies. Whether getting ready to go out, driving in your car or dancing at a club, 'Femme Fatale' was the perfect recipe for fans to gravitate back towards her and remember that this woman is pop music as she will be around forever alongside Madonna and Mariah Carey.

Is Britney Spears the best singer in the game? No. She is a legend, an entertainer who is adored by millions and millions of people across the planet with her infectious sound, banging team of producers and actually very humbled, down to earth southern charm. Britney remains relevant today and am super stoked to see who she collaborates with next and the level of sound she will grace us with. Not only am I one of the biggest Britney fans alive, I believe that in 2015 she will release something so sick, creative and really change the pop music game for good, thrilling us with new music.

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