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Britishisms for dummies: Part 2

Cor blimey! It would seem that the Brits have a never ending supply of strange, eccentric, downright weird sayings and phrases that have left foreign peers scratching their heads in bemused confusion! The lingo can be quite useful at times, especially when insulting someone who doesn't have the foggiest (slightest!) of ideas what you're saying, but will suck it up simply because they love hearing it! Ask anyone from across the pond, and they'll swear blind they heard Queen Liz use the word, "bollocks", during a Christmas speech.

Photo by Drew Gibson/Getty Images
English the British way!
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Here's a few more British crackers!

Bap ~ Soft bread bun (Baps = euphemism for a woman's bust)
Bessie Bunter ~ Fat woman
Billy Bunter ~ Fat man
Bum Bag ~ Fanny pack/small bag that attaches to your waist, often worn by tourists!
Casualty ~ Emergency room
Clock (To 'clock' someone) ~ punch/hit
Cob ~ (2 meanings) 1. Bread bun. 2. Mood; "She's got a cob on!" (she's in a mood)
Codger ~ Old person
Copping off (with) ~ Kissing someone
Crisps ~ Potato chips
C.V/Curriculum Vitae ~ Resume
Deck ~ Hit ("I'm going to deck you!")
Dossing ~ Being lazy
Dosser ~ Lazy person
Duffer ~ Someone old ("Old duffer")
Ferreting ~ Looking for something. ("Look at that woman feretting in her handbag!")
Flannel ~ Face cloth
Furking ~ Snooping "Someone's been furking about in my drawers!"
"Going round like a blue-arsed fly!" ~ Moving very fast/rushed off your feet.
"Got the willies!" ~ nervous/scared
Kazi (Pronounced Kar-zee) ~ Toilet
Kerfuffle ~ A commotion or fuss.
Kip/Kipping ~ Nap/sleeping
Knackered ~ Tired
Knackers yard ~ Abbatoir/slaughter house
Loo ~ Toilet
Milkshake ~ Any cold drink made with milk, regardless of its consistency (thick/runny).
Minge ~ (Pronounced minj) Crude word for female private parts!
Mingy ~ (Pronounced min-jee.) Mean. (Usually pertaining to possessions/money)
Muppet ~ Idiot
Numpty ~ Idiot
"On the box" ~ Claiming sickness benefits/off work sick with a medical note.
"On the dole" ~ Claiming unemployment benefits.
"Out of date" ~ Expired
Palaver ~ Usually describes exaggerated actions or speech. "Wow, what a palarver!"
Pants ~ Underpants/panties
Pop ~ Can be either soda or cordial, depending on the container. Glass of pop = cordial. Can of pop = soda.
Pov/Povvo ~ Poor/someone with no money.
Rubber ~ Eraser
Ruddy ~ What some people say in place of 'bloody' (Ruddy hell!)
Scrubber ~ Someone scruffy or dirty, usually pertaining to poor areas. Can also mean a cheap, nasty woman.
Skank ~ A dirty, slutty woman.
Slapper ~ Slut
Slag ~ Slut
Snogging ~ Kissing
Suck ~ Sweets/candy
Tramp ~ (2 meanings). 1. Transient/homeless person. 2. Slutty woman.
Tart ~ A tongue-in-cheek way of calling a woman a slut!
Telly ~ Television
Trainers ~ Sneakers
Trolley ~ (supermarket) Cart.
Up the duff ~ Pregnant
Wellies ~ Galoshes
Wicked ~ Very good, ("That's wicked!!")

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