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British wrestler Lionheart breaks his neck in match with AJ Styles

AJ Styles breaks Lionheart's neck
AJ Styles breaks Lionheart's neck
TNA Impact Wrestling

Former TNA Impact Wrestling champion AJ Styles was in Britain wrestling Lionheart over the weekend and the match ended in tragedy. According to on March 2, Styles hit the Styles Clash on Lionheart, but because his opponent turned his head the wrong way, he ended up breaking his neck.

Despite the fact that Styles has been using this move for over 12 years now, and it is a very safe move if the opponent moves their head in three different directions, if they move it in the fourth direction, they will suffer a neck injury.

This is the second person in the last two months that was injured after taking the Styles Clash. Roderick Strong suffered a neck injury in Ring of Honor after a match with Styles, but luckily for him is was not serious. Lionheart was not so lucky.

Lionheart had movement in his arms and legs after breaking his neck. He went to the Internet and released a statement following his injury. Lionheart said that his neck is broken in two places, but he said the positive news is that there is no immediate need for surgery. He said that may change but he appreciated everyone's well wishes and support.

This is the second injury AJ Styles has inadvertently caused in the last two months, so maybe it is time for him to find a new finishing move. It is safe in most situations, but so is the piledriver and that move has been banned in numerous places.