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British royal family news verses British royal family slander

Royal family news verses slander
Royal family news verses slander
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Every day millions of people check their smartphone, iPad, iPhone, laptop, and desktop computer for the latest and greatest British royal family gossip and news. As people around the world read these royal family stories, some of those people stop and wonder if there is any truth behind the latest gossip.

The most recent gossip in regards to the British royal family is that royal watches around the world have decided it is time for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to have another child. Apparently she and her husband Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, are waiting too long for their loyal subjects.

There are articles (and publications that allow articles) out there that say:

Sure, gossip columns everywhere are claiming Catherine “might” be pregnant and that the baby “might” be a daughter. But taking the rumors one step further with the baby to be named Diana and then an article about a miscarriage? It has to take a truly disturbed person to put out such deplorable lies.

Ironically the articles were pulled within 24 hours and multiple angry comments for extremely unprofessional journalism and spreading false information

Obviously the articles and stories are 100% fabricated. How does this examiner know this? Because not one single story has been announced or confirmed by Buckingham or Kensington palace. That fact alone convinces me of whether royal news is actually news or if it is a slanderous comment.

The vast amount of fictional news in regards to the British royal family is astounding. Just once, it would be so refreshing and exciting for the Windsor-Mountbatten family strike back and slap a random gossip rag with a huge slander lawsuit and win. It probably will never happen; however royal fans everywhere would probably cheer if this actually took place.

While actual British royal family news isn't an everyday occurrence, royal family gossip and lies are a free for all on a daily (perhaps hourly) basis. These lies are slander and as long as the public buys into the lies, the slander will continue on for generations to come.

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