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British Prime Minister David Cameron sees a clear picture of terrorism

British Prime Minister David Cameron apparently has a level of courage that is difficult to see in our own president when we listen to his “no strategy” speeches. Today, Cameron raised the nation’s terrorism threat level to severe, citing widespread problems throughout the world from the Middle East and referring to Islamic extremism as “poisonous.” Hats off to you, Cameron, now if only our president could find a voice to condemn the violence and atrocities of the so-called “religion of peace.”

Cameron stated today that the violence typical of Muslim terrorists groups must be confronted both domestically and abroad, and he called for military airstrikes, more intelligence and other actions necessary to successfully overcome the threat of terrorism, violence and murder. He stated that legislation should be passed so that all individuals involved in terrorism could be fully prosecuted, but thought that it would take years, maybe decades to accomplish everything necessary to wipe out this threat. Cameron stated that an estimated 500 individuals have traveled to the Middle East to join the Islamic state and participate in terrorism training. Another statement made by Cameron that should also have been made by our commander-in-chief is that poverty does not foster terrorism, and therefore cannot be used as an excuse for the atrocities being committed by Islamic militant groups.

He also stated that the current threat of terrorism was not created by the Iraq war, but its roots are the poisonous, radical Islamic ideology that promotes the enslavement of people, violence against women and a “convert you or kill you” philosophy. If only our president had the intestinal fortitude to make similar statements, the world may be a better place. However, Americans are no longer holding their breath to hear such words from Mr. B. Hussein Obama.