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British Petroleum reports strength in the global energy system

The British Petroleum World View
The British Petroleum World View
Edited for the Examiner by Hank Richards with PRonlineNews at (256) 738-2200

British Petroleum notified Hank Richards, one of its press pool reporters and editor of the Gulf Coast Examiner today from the 21st World Petroleum Congress meeting in Moscow its message on how the world of energy echoed broader global themes in 2013.

Some highlights included emerging differences in global economic performance, geopolitical uncertainty and ongoing debates about the proper roles of government and markets are all reflected in its report.

Highlights of British Petroleum Energy Developments

  • Global primary energy consumption increased by 2.3% in 2013, growing faster than in 2012 but below the 10-year average of 2.5%.
  • All fuels except oil, nuclear power and renewables in power generation grew at below-average rates.
  • Growth was below average for all regions except North America.
  • Oil remains the world’s leading fuel, with 32.9% of global energy consumption, but it lost market share for the 14th consecutive year and its current market share is once again the lowest in our data set, going back to 1965.
  • Emerging economies accounted for 80% of the global increase in energy consumption – even though growth in these countries was below average at 3.1%.
  • The Organization for Economic Co‑operation and Development, OECD, consumption rose by an above-average 1.2%.
  • Robust U.S. growth of 2.9% accounted for all of the net increase in the OECD and consumption in the E.U. and Japan fell by 0.3% and 0.6%, respectively.

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