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British make villainy super cool in the Jaguar Superbowl commercial

In the United States we go ape for football. And football doesn't mean a round white and black ball. We apparently seem to love our capitalism's blatant attempt to seduce us as consumers as much as we love football. Every year the Superbowl commercials can be as big of a point of discussion as the teams busting their backsides out on the field. The Broncos didn't fair so well and the Seahawks were cheered by many and simultaneously booed by the bitter 49er fans. In the meantime, the commercials were awaited and judged.

Jaguar came on strong with a thumbs up by millions who enjoy a bit of dark glamour. "Have you ever noticed that in all the Hollywood movies the villains are played by Brits?" And the Jaguar approach makes these villains sexy with their fun and seductive "Rendezvous" commercial. Not only do all the Hollywood villains speak with a British accent, they also drive Jaguars. Or so we will henceforth associate.

The Superbowl Jaguar commercial has its intoxicating effect due to its subtle humor, our love affair with fast cars that sound fast, and the never extinguished love for sexy bad boys. Sexy bad boys aren't just for girls. Men love the concept as well, especially when all wrapped up in engines, wheels, night lights, and a healthy serving of helicopters and planes.

You can see the 2014 Jaguar Superbowl commercial above. Check out the very different Audi approach in Audi goes to the dogs in Superbowl 2014.

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