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British Beer Company's Gluten Free Menu

British Beer Company provides great food and an outstanding GF menu.
British Beer Company provides great food and an outstanding GF menu.
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On a recent trip to find a new restaurant in the Framingham area, our family tried out the British Beer Company on Route 9. This regional chain claims to provide a genuine British pub experience. My only *true* British pub experience came in 1985, when I traveled to England as a teenager, and I have to say that the British Beer Company's atmosphere didn't disappoint.

British Beer Company in Framingham

Now, when I ate in a British pub in England, I chose brown bread and split pea soup, served with a nice black currant lemonade (which is really like 7-Up flavored with a fruit syrup). At British Beer Company I enjoyed a beautifully-cooked dinner of coconut shrimp dipped in marmalade ($8.99), grilled chicken breast, grilled fingerling potatoes, baby carrots and grilled pineapple with a mango-pineapple salsa ($11.99). Not quite your typical British pub fare (unless things have changed since 1985!), but an outstanding meal nonetheless.

Note: my meal was not gluten-free, but the following meals enjoyed by my companions were from the gluten free menu at BBC.

Gluten Free Menu at British Beer Company

My companions all eat a gluten free diet, and we were celebrating a birthday, so the burgers - served on gluten free rolls! a rare event! - were popular. After a shared appetizer of Java BBQ ribs ($7.99) my dinner mates all ordered burgers. Two chose the "Your Burger," a build-your-own burger selection. The gluten-free bun is a grilled GF french roll, a delicious solution to the all-pervasive challenge of finding a good GF bun, and my dinner mates were grateful for the GF meal option.

The third dinner mate chose the Wensleydale Cheeseburger, and yes, if you're a Wallace and Gromit fan, you'll know that this is the Wensleydale cheese! Be careful and warned - it's made with cranberries, so not for all tastes, but my dinner companion loved the flavor. All burgers come with a choice of sides from the GF menu and range in price from $7.99 to $10.99 each.

BBC and Celiac Support

BBC is now on our list of gluten free menu favorites, and the restaurant developed the menu in conjunction with the Gluten Intolerance Group, setting a safety standard that provides great celiac support for those on a GF diet. A manager came to our table to assure us that the food was prepared with safe GF practices - a welcome customer service touch.


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