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British Actor McPhillamy walks into China and gets wild ride of cultural delight

East meets West, gets Shakespeare in Beijing and cricket team in Tsingdao.
Colin McPhillamy

Broadway Global gives a sneak peak when East meets West, you get Shakespeare in Beijing and a cricket team in Tsingdao. Thanks to British Actor Colin McPhillamy’s "An Actor Walks into China" audiences leave wanting more. "An Actor Walks into China" tells of a thrilling transfer from Little Rock, Arkansas (think Wal-Mart, think Bill Clinton), to Beijing China, (think spicy food, think Shakespeare - or Sha Shi Bi Ya - as they say it there).

"An Actor Walks into China" takes us on a wild ride, from Colin's first visit to Beijing where he played Kent in King Lear, to his experience directing an all female Julius Caesar with Chinese undergraduates, it seems so obvious doesn't it, surely just a question of who got there first? Then on to producing a season of Chinese theater in London, British actor Colin McPhillamy takes audiences on this wild ride of cultural confusion and delight!

"China is the new China with sophisticated architecture, unlimited disposable manufactured goods, high style in fashion and tops in cinema. But the oriental psyche remains as appealing, mysterious, and yes, inscrutable as ever it was." Colin McPhillamy.

Actors’ Playhouse presents a FREE reading of Colin McPhillamy’s "An Actor Walks into China" Monday, February 3, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Balcony Theatre. Colin loved China and the people he met. He loved the food, in personal encounters he met with warmth and hospitality. It was only in business environment that the shouting started. But, None of this prepared him for China... "I loved China and the Chinese people."

Colin first worked in South Florida ten years ago in 2004 when he played a memory-damaged farmer in "The Drawer Boy" at Florida Stage. Since then he played in "Hanging Fire", and "The Hatchetman" both also at Florida Stage. For The Promethean Theatre, McPhillamy did "Blue Orange" and "A Report on the Banality of Love", for Palm Beach Dramaworks he appeared in "Copenhagen" and "The Pitmen Painters" as well as "Exit The King" for which he is nominated Best Actor in the upcoming 2014 Carbonell Awards, and for Maltz Jupiter Theatre he played the Inspector in "Dial M for Murder" for which he is nominated Best Supporting Actor in this year's Carbonell Awards. He is delighted to be appearing in "End of the Rainbow" as Dave Arisco offered him a role 10 years ago and he wasn't available, but has been waiting for a chance to work at Actor's Playhouse ever since.

Did you learn to speak some of their difficult language? "It is one of the great achievements of the Chinese people that they can speak there own language. It is damn difficult for a 'waiguoren' (foreigner) to learn." Colin McPhillamy.

Did you enjoy China's public transit? "There are a lot of people everywhere in China. 'Crowded' doesn't come close. Travel on public transportation in China and you begin to understand why they are so good at the contact sports of martial arts." Colin McPhillamy.

Isn't it expensive to eat in China? "The franchises of the first world are all there in force. In Beijing every third or fourth cornier boasts a KFC, a Starbucks, or a McDonalds all have first world prices. But for 2 kuai (about 30 cents) you can get a jianbing - a pancake with a fried egg, herbs, and spices - delicious!" Colin McPhillamy.

For more information on Colin McPhillamy visit Colin is curently starring in "The End of the Rainbow" at Actors' Playhouse with rave reviews. "Colin McPhillamy (Anthony) plays Judy's long time pianist with pure honesty. McPhillamy gives one of the best performances that I have ever seen on any stage. Out of hundreds, maybe thousands of plays witnessed in my life time, I can't think of a supporting actor that has mesmerized the audience with such an honest portrayal. Colin McPhillamy is a name to remember." BroadwayGlobal.

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