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Bristol trainee attorney pleads guilty to leaving her dog starve to death

According to police, Gammon showed no remorse after authorities found the decomposed body of her dog Roxy.
According to police, Gammon showed no remorse after authorities found the decomposed body of her dog Roxy.
Mail Online

In the Lawrence Weston community near Bristol, U.K., Katy Gammon, a solicitor in training, left her five-year-old boxer tied to a kitchen door handle, and abandoned her; for the next six days Roxy died a slow agonizing death reported the News Bristol.

Gammon, 27 and her boyfriend, acquired Roxy in December 2012. When the couple broke up, Gammon took the dog, but was gone all day at work, and Roxy would defecate and urinate in the house. Gammon then confined Roxy to the kitchen.

At the end of August 2013, Gammon moved in with her mother, however would return to feed Roxy. When Gammon dislocated her knee, she told her mother that her ex-boyfriend was feeding Roxy; that was a terrible lie.

Roxy was left alone, tied to the kitchen door which was attached to a hook in the hallway. The desperate and starving dog tried her best to escape and clawed the floor, walls, and door to reaach food and water. Veterinarians stated that Roxy died a most agonizing death; first she went blind, then she slipped into a coma, and died.

It wasn't until ten weeks later, on November 3, that a neighbor reported seeing swarms of maggots coming from Gammon's kitchen. After police saw the horrific scene of Roxy's decomposed body, they called the RSPCA.

According to the Daily Mail, after Gammon had left Roxy tied up with no food or water for six days, she returned to her house, but the stench was so strong and putrid, Gammon just left.

The animal welfare organization, the RSPCA, who prosecuted this egregious crime, has described this as one of the worst animal cruelty cases they have ever seen. There were unopened cans of dog food on the counter out of Roxy's reach.

On Wednesday, Gammon pleaded guilty to a Bristol magistrate to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and the failure to prevent unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Gammon's attorney stated her client had true remorse, but was suffering from "some psychiatric issues."

Mail Online reported Gammon no longer works for the law firm, Lyons Davidson, where Gammon specialized in medical malpractice research.

Gammon is scheduled to be sentenced on April 9. According to Chairman of the Bench Patricia Lee:

"This is a very serious offence - so serious that there's no way we can sentence today.

We need a full report about you and your circumstances and everything about you."

Gammon has been told to expect jail time.

Rest in peace Roxy. Hopefully justice will be served.

Warning: Click here to view photos, but they are extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences.

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