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Bringing the Snow Indoors

It’s definitely a cold day in Knoxville—and unfortunately, not everyone is able to get out and enjoy it. You want your child to be able to enjoy their snow day, especially since they’re comparatively rare in the area; but if your child is sick, you don’t want them playing out in the cold all morning, either. Even healthy children probably won’t enjoy cold this brutal for long—but the fun doesn’t have to stop the moment they come indoors. Why not bring the snow along with them?

First, find a big container. The bigger your child (or the more children you have), the more snow you’re going to want to put in the container. Go outside and fill it up, doing your best to make sure that you’re getting clean, white snow instead of the dirty layer on the bottom. You’d probably rather not bring the dirt and mud indoors even if you don’t mind a little bit of mess.

Spread some towels underneath the designated play area so that you’re not slipping and sliding on snow, and make sure that you’re over a non-carpeted floor—you don’t want to wind up with soggy, wet feet with temperatures in the teens. Then, add a few kitchen measuring utensils and let your kids have some fun! They can build a snowman; measure the snow back and forth; or even experiment with a miniature snow fort. Indoors probably isn’t the best place for a snowball fight, but there are plenty of other things that you can do—many of which will entertain even your littlest ones for quite some time. It’s all the fun of the snow, but without the frozen temperatures, running nose, and ice cold bodies when they come back inside—though they might want to wear gloves to keep their hands warm while they’re playing!

You can also take advantage of the indoor snow to make snow cream or snow candy. This is the time to do it—because tomorrow, warmer temperatures will return, and the snow will be gone.

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