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Bringing the Kitty Inside for Winter

When cold weather hits, the outdoor cat should be brought safely inside.
When cold weather hits, the outdoor cat should be brought safely inside.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The cold weather has arrived, and it is time to bring the kitty inside for the winter. Bringing the cat indoors may be a challenge initially, but a little patience and training can make bringing the cat inside a pleasant experience.

Outdoor cats are used to relieving themselves outdoors; therefore, they may not know where to look for the litter box. One method for training an outdoor cat to use the litter box would be to have two litter boxes. One litter box should be placed where it will be out of the way of human traffic but accessible for the cat. The other litter box can be placed by the door. Since the cat is used to going outdoors, the litter box next to the door will help the cat find that it has an alternative to using the soil outdoors. Little by little, the litter box by the door can be moved next to the litter box that is placed where the cat is supposed to go. Another option would be to temporarily confine the cat in a safe room until the cat understands what it is supposed to do.

Once the cat has settled in and becomes used to being inside, a nice window perch with a soft cushion, some catnip, and some cat toys will make the kitty feel right at home. Wheat grass planted in a pot by the window will make a great treat for the cat to gnaw on. Scratch pads, cat trees, and lots of love and playtime will help make the cat and its owner happy for hours.