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Bringing the Flowers Indoors

For many parents and children, this long winter has dragged on for what feels like an eternity. A brief glimpse of spring was invigorating, but it served only as a teaser before winter came crashing back down again. Cold temperatures make it difficult to play outside, and grey, dreary days are just depressing, especially as February moves into March and warmth seems like it’s never going to return to the East Tennessee area. When will spring really be here?

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Emily L. Goodman

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to brighten up the indoors; and while you may not be able to make flowers start springing up outside, you can hide them throughout your home or create your own little garden while you wait for Mother Nature to cooperate.

First, get the kids involved and excited. After all, the entire point is to make them a little bit more energetic and bright-eyed. Next, pull out plenty of paint. You can let them design their own flowers from scratch, just painting whatever comes to mind, or you can offer a few suggestions. If you have a young child, you can do hand- and foot-print flowers. Let the big kids participate in painting little brother’s or sister’s foot, or helping the little ones press their hands to the paper—or you can do that while they experiment on their own!

Big kids’ palm prints make great flowers, as do little kid feet. Pull out a big canvas, and explore with what the big kids can create! Get a little wacky—and when you’re done, find a place to display your “garden” in your home. It will be a little reminder that spring isn’t quite as far away as you fear…and a fun example of what the kids can do when they work together.

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