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Bringing the big guns: 'E3 2014' day one blowout

Two dynamically different teams locked in a game of tug of war...
Two dynamically different teams locked in a game of tug of war...
Ubisoft's Rainbow Six facebook page

Another year, another Electronics Entertainment Expo, another year for publishers to try and wow journalists and gamers with new titles due to typically arrive next Christmas for the computer and the most current generation of consoles. This year marks an interesting shift as the lion’s share of attention is given to games set for release Christmas of 2014. While The Division and Destiny made an excellent showing, the existence of a PC version for either game remains unconfirmed. That being said, the titles confirmed for PC are promising enough.

Far Cry 4: What did I just watch? That question lingered in my mind when I saw the debut trailer that introduced us to the main villain of Far Cry 4. Whether you loved Far Cry 3 or hated it, you have to agree Vaas was a hard to act to follow. No worries though, newcomer Pagan Min is up for the task; managing to appear both crazier and yet saner then Vaas at the same time.

Rainbow Six: Siege: Ubisoft closed their press conference with the announcement of Rainbow Six: Siege and a live multiplayer demo of two teams of developers in a beautiful suburban home. Rainbow Six: Siege is the title that emerged out of the ashes of Rainbow Six: Patriots cancellation. At present not much outside of the multiplayer has been revealed. That being said, the demo did feature some amazingly destructible terrain with walls and floors being blown apart as both teams fought to flank their opposite number.

Evolve: Ever since the new hunters debuted last month, it was hinted and suspected that E3 would be where Turtle Rock debuted the new monster. Suspicions confirmed, the new monster is the Kraken. The complete opposite of the Goliath, the Kraken is a flying range fighter designed to taunt the Hunters with an arsenal of bioelectric attacks ranging from basic lightning bolts to homing balls of energy that chase after the Hunters. PC gamers are going to have a lot to look forward to when the game releases later this year.

Battlefield: Hardline: The good news is that so far this looks like Battlefield 4 with a cops and robbers coat of paint on top, the bad news is that so far this looks EXACTLY like Battlefield 4. While potentially a great deal of fun, this hardly feels like the “cops and robbers” fantasy EA promises with what appears to be at least ten players on each team running around causing mayhem in downtown LA. The destructible terrain of Battlefield 4 was on full display here as well; by the end of the match the cost of the property damage endured by the city of Los Angeles far exceeded the value of a single duffle bag full of cash stolen at the start of the match. Somewhere in the video game universe, Dallas and the rest of the Payday gang are laughing right now…

Dead Island 2: Yes, Dead Island 2 is officially in production and no it is not Dying Light like many gamers thought despite Techland’s repeated insistence to the contrary up this point. Dying Light is still being developed and the same developer is making both games though under different publishers. As seems to be the norm with a Dead Island trailer, the Dead Island 2 trailer is entertaining but not particularly informative. The plague that wiped out the island of Banoi and its neighbors has now gone global or at least has led to another outbreak somewhere in Southern California. The tone appears to be a bit more humorous this time, with voice actors Jack Black and Aaron Paul making an appearance in the very end of the trailer. Whether their characters will be playable is not confirmed at the time of writing. This all being said… please fix all the things you screwed up with the first game Techland.

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