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Bringing "Sex" Back: The Drag "Sex and the City" Comes Back to SF

The drag "Sex" staff is back with a new edition

"Sex and the City" is back in the City it really belongs - San Francisco.

The drag version of the popular TV show was a giant hit last year, having run for months at a local bar. It even attracted the attention of the show's creator Darren Star who gave the production "thumbs up."

Now it's back. It's bigger than ever. Moving from a bar to the larger Victoria Theatre to support all its fans, the drag "Sex" starts Thursday, July 24 and plays 12 performances only. Even though the venue is bigger, its fans have missed it showing weekly in San Francisco so it will likely sell out.

The live "Sex," created by Heklina and D'Arcy Drollinger, will be more a mash-up this time, incorporating great moments from the famed series "It's challenging" says Drollinger, "as there are so many classic moments. But I will say that Mr. Big is in both episodes."

According to Heklina, one reason for the "best of" compilation shows is they want to please the audience and they "got exhausted" doing it weekly, in which every few months they would do two new episodes to get the audiences to return.

They also are happy to be presenting the show at a real theatre. "The stage at the bar was rather limiting," says Heklina. "Doing a show at the Victoria is a breath of fresh air in which you can play to a larger audience and have a huge stage and, best of all, a great backstage with dressing rooms."

Another big change is having special guest "RuPaul's Drag Race" finalist Alaska who will take over the role of Charlotte from Trixxie Carr. "We love Trixxie but she understands that having a drag queen play the part just makes more sense," points out Heklina. "It always felt odd having these huge drag queens on stage towering over this petite girl but Trixxie was a great sport about it."

While they are confident that Alaska will shine, they are a bit nervous as her busy schedule has prevented her from coming to San Francisco until a week before the show. 'We sent her the scripts awhile back and we'll be feverishly blocking and teching with her until we open."

"Sex and the City" plays Thursdays-Saturdays through August 10 at San Francisco's Victoria Theatre.

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