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Bringing Passion Back

There are some other things that you can do to light the fire of passion once again. Try one, try a few, try as many as it takes to rekindle your relationship. It is important and it makes life feel...well...alive.

*Sleep together. It is easy to get in the habit of going to sleep at separate times, or in separate locations for a variety of reasons. Comfort, preferences regarding light and noise, different alarm settings, etc. can give us an excuse to spend our nights apart, but it will not be good for the passion in your marriage.

*Bring back the romance, especially the men. Women love to get flowers, compliments, and gentle affections. This, to them, is foreplay that starts hours prior to passion's true expression. Treat her like a queen and you will be a king.

*Another thing that can quench the spark is exhaustion. Help each other out, especially with evening chores, so that at bedtime you still have some energy for the passions to follow.

*Because of the importance of passion to your relationship, set it as a high priority. If the dishes need to be done and you want to reconnect with your partner, but you are pretty tired already, don't do the dishes. They'll wait, your marriage may not.

*Connect spiritually. I'm not sure why, but this makes a huge difference. Sundays after church seem to always promise passion, as well as praying or studying the Bible together. There is a spiritual plane that binds us to one another.

*Change is good for any relationship once in a while. Try romances your partner in another room than the bedroom, or during the day. How about spending a night at a hotel where there are no jobs waiting for you except the job of pleasing your partner and being pleased in return?

*Women, get sexy! Dress up and feel beautiful once in a while. It will come out in your carriage and attitude. There is little more sensual than a confident and passionate woman.

These tips should definitely get the spark of passion bursting into flame once again. If you try one and it doesn't do the trick, don't give up. Move on down the list until you hit the one that will lead to a spectacular time of renewed pleasures within your relationship. It is important to keep things exciting, especially when you get in a slump. The rewards will be more than worth the effort, for both of you.

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