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Bringing life back to downtown Greenwood


Help Save "THE SUDS"

Remember the days of car hops, bobby sox and ponytails? How about hot rods, greased hair and penny loafers?  Them were the good old days when you could cruise on down to the Dog-n-Suds for good food and great rootbeer floats.

Well the time has come to look to the future and that is what I'm writing about!

There is hot rod car club that has bought the old dog-n-suds and is bringing back to it's hey day.  

On Saturday, April 4th travel back in time to the cruisin days of old.  From 2:00pm - 10:00pm see the old cars of yesteryear,enjoy the good food and root beer floats of "THE SUDS" . 

Travel back in time when you were at your favorite hangout with your friends being served in your car by the roller skating waitress and listening to the sounds of the 50's be bop!

Tell your friends and neighbors, drag out the new muscle cars and show what the future holds in cruisin....

For more info: Contact the Suds Hot Rod Club or this examiner for upcoming events.