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Bringing Kobe to California; Save a collie from the Korean dog meat markets

Kobe the collie wants to come to California from South Korea.
Southland Colie Rescue.

California has one world-famous Kobe, but Southland Collie Rescue would like to bring home another, Kobe the Collie from Korea. Kobe almost went the way of Kobe beef--he was being kept at a South Korean dog meat market when a kind Samaritan bought him in hopes of finding him a pet home.

Kobe wasn't bred to be dog meat. He, his mother and sister somehow ended up at the Moran Meat Market. His mother and sister ended up as someone's dinner. Dog meat is supposed to help people survive cold weather.

This may or may not be true. As the majority of North Americans are not vegan, I don't want to consider the morality of eating domestic animals. From a PETA perspective, the majority of Americans are participating in barbaric practices. Let's not go there.

We can't stop the practice of eating dog meat in two months. We can't close down the dog meat markets in South Korea and elsewhere in two months. Killing a dog for meat is not so far from killing dogs because the owners have grown tired of them..

In two months, we can raise enough money to bring this one dog, who has already been pulled from the dog meat market, to Southern California. Until this dog is out of South Korea, we can't guarantee he won't end up there again. His mother did.

Under the U.S. laws and the adoption agreement of Southland Collie Rescue, he would be guaranteed a home and should the adopters have problems caused by death, financial crisis or personal setbacks, Kobe would be returned to Southland Collie Rescue until another suitable home would be found.

I have helped Southland Collie Rescue start a GoFundMe campaign for Kobe. None of the money comes to me. It goes directly to Southland Collie Rescue. To bring Kobe to Los Angeles, the current cost estimate is $1500.

Let's bring Kobe the Collie to a new home in California!

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