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Bringing happy hour home

It's five o'clock somewhere.
It's five o'clock somewhere.
Fieldhouse Kitchen

Who doesn’t love happy hour? It’s a time for unwinding, letting go, indulging in your favorite drink and munching on those sought-after bottomless bar snacks.

In New York City though, happy hour can sometimes mean confronting a plethora of unhappy inconveniences: crowded bars, overpriced discounted beer and sometimes more rules and restrictions than one can be bothered to adhere to, especially after a long day at the desk.

So when I’m not in the mood for these kind of city shenanigans, I bring the bar home. Nothing says happy hour to me quite like a tray of spicy-sweet roasted nuts paired with a glass of wine, beer or cocktail of my choice. And the best part, there’s no tab at the end of it.

Happiness found.

I’ll share with you my recipe for my Maple Roasted Bar Nuts. They’re rustic, smoky, earthy, sweet, spicy and salty. They’re wonderfully balanced. I encourage you to whip up a batch of these guys at your next party or whenever you feel like bringing happy hour home. They’re guaranteed to go fast, so you may end up making more than one batch.

And bonus, they can be made in under 15 minutes.

So you’ll have plenty of time to pour yourself a drink and ask yourself, “Do you come here often?”

Why yes, you do.

Head over to Fieldhouse Kitchen for more recipes and ideas inspired by cooking with minimal space, supplies and money in a New York City studio.

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