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Bringing greater meaning to Holy Week Services through experiencing God's love

As Christians around the world are getting ready to commemorate how Jesus Christ completed God’s plan for the spiritual redemption of mankind through His crucifixion and resurrection from the dead, Christians can bring greater meaning into their celebration of those great events by not only reading what the Scriptures say about them and going to great Christian Church worship services; but Christians can also realize and experience how much God loves them because He had Jesus go through what happened in those events so they could develop a close relationship with God.

The more that Christians read about and experience what Jesus went through during the last week of His earthly life, the more appreciation they can have on a personal basis for what Jesus did for them through His sacrificial death on the cross to take the punishment of the spiritual death sentence that they deserved for breaking God’s laws.

Then, on Resurrection Sunday, Christians can experience how God raised up Jesus from the darkness of death into the glorious light of new life showing that Jesus really had completed God’s redemptive plan. As Christians experience that, let them realize that God can bring Christians out of the darkness of their pressing problems and through the insight and power of the Holy Spirit God can bring some kind of resolution to those problems and bring more meaning to their life and help them have a closer relationship with God.

Therefore, as Christians celebrate the completion of God’s redemptive plan during their Holy Week Worship Services, let them also personally experience God’s redemption and new life in every area of their life!

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