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Bringing culture together with organic coffee at the Greener Grounds Coffee & Café'

Caf'e ordering counter and baked goods
Caf'e ordering counter and baked goods

The organic culture is alive and growing in Bowling Green, at the Greener Grounds Coffee & Café', by co-owners Benita Bartley &  Dr. Molly Kerby.  A culture being brought together with organic foods 100% fair trade organic coffee and more.

Greener Groundz Cafe
Debra Page

It is here you will find many types of locally owned businesses showcase their own specialties. And one look at the Café' menu gives you many chances to experience some of the organic ingredients used every day in their recipes. The breakfast choices include a variety of different muffins, scones, bagels, and rolls. Not to forget the Greener Groundz coffee sold by the cup, or 1/2 pound to 1 pound bag, of fresh roasted coffee. When that makes your tastebuds crave more of the fresh flavors from the kitchen, come back for lunch or dinner to try their hand-tossed gourmet pizzas, salads, soups, sandwiches with a cup of blended tea done at the Café'.

The real treasure to all of these wonderfully flavored menu items, is when the community is pulled together to enhance the greatness by their organic specialties. Such as:  Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Jackson's Orchard, O'Daniel Farms, Brooks Haven Farm, Au Naturel Farm, Forestville Farms, Gardenz, JD Country Milk, R & M Farms, and The Nutrition Center

There is not only a food community involved, but other local businesses who sell their goods right inside the Café'. You can find tie-die t-shirts or purses in all sizes. An all organic doggy treats section. Browse the Café' walls to view the artwork from a local artist. You may purchase these pieces from the artist, and a different artist is featured every month. Hanging there until January the 15th is the work of Megan Chetelate. Then from January the 15th through end of February will be J. Swafford's artwork.

If you want to visit during a live music event be ready to enjoy a Friday or Saturday night with local musicians, including Matt Urmy, a guitarist. Some of the musicians are from Nashville, Tennessee. 

In 2008, Bonita Bartley & Dr. Molly Kerby started their coffee business at the local farmers market, here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Greener Groundz Coffee was such a big hit that they opened the Café'. The co-owners have named their blended coffee's after rescued dogs. You can see the dog's cute face on each bag of coffee you purchase. They also have small table tags with the rescued dog's picture on them to sit on your table to identify your table with the food order.

Enjoy eating on the private outdoor courtyard in nice temperatures. Go to the lounge for a taste of wine and spirits. Find the taste of freshness in their organic made menu. Relax and listen to the sounds of a live musician. And don't forget to tell the co-owners where your from, and how lip-smacking good it is to see the culture of organic come to Bowling Green, Kentucky.  


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