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Bring Vampire Merlot to a Halloween party

Vampire Merlot, under $10, a scary-good deal
Vampire Merlot, under $10, a scary-good deal
AP Photo/ Vampire Vineyards

With Halloween just days away, adults scramble to find ways to engage in celebrations without actually trick or treating. While it’s tempting to relive this annual door-to-door, begging-for-candy tradition, the best way for those above the age of 21 to participate in Halloween festivities is to enjoy some liquid treats at themed or costume parties.

Showing up empty-handed is always a wicked faux pas, so why not bring a Halloween-themed bottle of wine for the host/ hostess? World Market sells a Merlot by Vampire, a company that also produces chocolate, coffee, and vodka (covering all of the food groups) under the same name. The Vampire brand is actually more of a community, celebrating the Vampire lifestyle, where one can become a member. But if this is a bit too extreme for you, simply try any of their products, offered to both mortals and immortals alike.

Their Merlot is comprised of 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Zinfandel, to add intensity and spice. Made from grapes grown in Paso Robles, California, the Vampire Merlot is blood red and fermented with the skins on for two weeks. The subtle spiciness means it will pair well with party appetizers like taco dip or meatballs, while hints of vanilla and fruit mean this wine will stand-alone as well. It would age well, lurking in the cellar for twelve full moons until plucked from the shelves to be devoured like Dracula sucks the vitality from his victims.

Creep over to the Vampire website for more details on their ideas and products, and stop into World Market, where this bottle of Merlot is going for $9.99. Check out their other Halloween-themed bottles, like Evil Cabernet Sauvignon and Ed Hardy Sangria, all under $10. Stain your fangs with these pourable treats and be the life of the party.