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Bring us your message, your mission and your music!

New York: A new digital media alliance and platform was announced today in a conference call from Denver this afternoon. The principal players are Five Points Communications and Truli Media as well as the marketing and advertising firm of Likewise NY. The new platform will feature a new publishing; digital audio; and video network called: Vantage Point- World Media Christian Approach. The media will primarily come from New York churches and ministries and also include a new praise and worship channel called Melting Pot.

Church Cafe's in your neighborhood
Bixler 2013

Where content and music originates

We are the curators of the message; mission and music” said Richard Beattie during the short tele-press conference. “New York is the place where Christian media needs to originate from. This summer our job is to create; produce and fund great new programs that New Yorkers can use and portray how the church impacts the neighborhoods they are in,” the Creative Director told a small team of associates from Colorado today. The new network is in the first stage of production and advertising. While starting the network the need for beginning “Likewise” was explained. The network will go live in September, right after Labor Day. A new Blog that is linked to the network is:

Likewise- Award winning Advertising team

The backbone of the business side is to produce Madison Avenue caliber print, digital, audio and visual advertisements for the network that are priced right and are award winning. The principals who produce the commercial spots are an award winning team of creative and production professionals who have won many Gold Addy awards and “Best of show” honors. "The main goal is to get people on the east coast meaningful media that is produced where they live and works with their lifestyle. It doesn’t compromise truth and it doesn’t bore anyone." “It’s useful for everyday at home, at work and throughout the community.” Beattie will be serving as the Executive Producer and Operations Director for the new digital launch, a daunting task that is affiliating with other Christians in media.

Church Coffee Houses

One of the main fundraising goals is the alliance and association with Mission Coffee Roasters based in Colorado Springs. Brett Bixler is utilizing Vantage Point to promote getting the "really good coffee with a mission" into every church coffee house in the tri-state area to raise funds for causes that Five Points Communications is focusing in on in New York. With every 12 ounce bag of the Church Coffee label brand; the ministries raise $5 for evangelism and missions; outreach to the "least of these" which includes special needs ministries, human trafficking awareness; and Fair Trade farmer support; funding media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer gatherings and prayer walks in NY neighborhoods; and all out community building with digital publishing of Biblical studies; relationship building at Church Coffee houses and Outreach projects with small life groups throughout New York City.

Calling all songs

The music that listeners will hear from Vantage Point-World Media Christian Approach is what the principals at VP-WMCA call "Melting pot praise and worship." We are asking for worship pastors from every neighborhood to send in any original music that is produced well to us, on CD and digitally. Please send small audio files to These will be auditions for NY Organic Praise, a music publishing company that will contract and publish songs on the new NYOP label and of course air them on our new digital station. "This is also a part of the church coffee cafe outreach," Beattie told Christians in NY Media yesterday.

Church coffee cafe's-promoting whats good in your neighborhood

"Church coffee cafes are places where ideas; message, mission and music are shared in and with the community. Our goal is to make that happen by creating places that will foster true community and build life groups that are gathering places that strengthen marriages and families and are active in the community and share really good coffee and tea-with a mission."

To interview Richard Beattie, please e-mail:

To find out more about Church Coffee and Church Coffee Cafes e-mail


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